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Map of Madhya Pradesh

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Map of Madhya Pradesh Shajapur Agar Gwalior City Map Bhopal City Map Ujjain City Map Jabalpur City Map Morena Bhind Gwalior Datia Shivpuri Sheopur Guna Ashoknagar Vidisha Sagar Damoh Jabalpur Mandla Balaghat Dindori Anuppur Shahdol Umaria Katni Panna Satna Rewa Sidhi Singrauli Chhatarpur Tikamgarh Chhindwara Narsimhapur Seoni Betul Harda Hoshangabad Raisen Bhopal Sehore Rajgarh Shajapur Khandwa Khargone Bhurhanpur Dewas Indore City Map Indore Neemuch Mandsaur Ujjain Barwani Dhar Jhabua Ratlam Alirajpur RAJASTHAN GUJARAT MAHARASHTRA CHHATTISGARH UTTAR PRADESH
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*Map showing major roads, railways, towns, district boundaries, etc. Disclaimer

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Madhya Pradesh (MP) state is situated in central India. The state is bordered by different states - to its northeast lies Uttar Pradesh, to its southeast lies Chhattisgarh , to its south lies Maharashtra, to its west lies Gujarat and to its northwest lies Rajasthan.

MP is popularly known as the Heart of India. MP's capital is Bhopal, which is also the largest city here. Madhya Pradesh is the second biggest state in India with a population of 72,597,565 (2011 consus), and hence it ranks sixth in India as far as the population is considered.

Hindi is a standard language spoken in Madhya Pradesh. Besides that, people also speak various regional variants, which are also different Hindi dialects. Apart from all this, Malvi is spoken in Malwa, Nimadi is spoken in Nimar, Bundeli is spoken in Bundelkhand and Bagheli is spoken in Bagelkhand and southeast of the state. Other languages are also spoken such as Telugu, Gondi, Bhilodi (Bhili), Korku, Nihali (Nahali) and Kalto (Nahali), which the tribal groups speak. Because the Marathas had ruled this place, a substantial number of people speak Marathi here. Because Gujarat is very close to the state, many people also are familiar with Gujarati.

Agar-Malwa became the 51st district of Madhya Pradesh, as per the decision taken by the state government. It started functioning from 16 August 2013, covering 2,785 sq km and having a population of about 4,80,000. The district of Shajapur was bifurcated for this purpose, and tehsils of Nalkheda, Susner, Badoud, and Agar were included in Agar-Malwa.

Madhya Pradesh State Information

Date of formation1. Nov. 1956
GovernorRam Naresh Yadav
Chief MinisterShivraj Singh Chouhan
Tourist attractionsSanchi Stupa, Gwalior Fort, Orchha Fort, Khajuraho, Ujjain
FestivalsGana-Gour, Ganga, Dashami, Hareli
Major dance and music formsGaur Dance, Muria Dance, Relo Songs
Arts and craftsWall paintings or bhittichitras; Chippas or hand-block printers; battubai dolls.
Size308,244 sq. km
Population (Census 2011)72,626,809
RiversNarmada, Tapti, Betwa, Son, Chambal
Forests and wildlife sanctuariesBandhavgarh NP, Kanha NP, Pench NP, Indrawati Tiger Reserve, Kheoni WS
State animalSwamp Deer
State birdParadise flycatcher
Major cropsRice, wheat soybeans, spices
FactoidsOne half of Bhawani Mandi station on the Mumbai- Delhi railway line lies in Madhya Pradesh and the other half lies in Rajasthan.
Pench and Kanha forests in the Satpura ranges, and Bandhavgarh in the Vindhyas, are all tiger reserves.
No. of District 51

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