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Mandu or Mandwa is the ultimate tribute of love, life, and joy of two beautiful people - Baz Bahadur and Rani Roopomati, immortalized by the marvelous structures, monuments, and palaces made up of stone. You can still listen to their euphoric romance from the balladeers of Malwa.

The first thing that will really amaze you is the series of exquisite palaces and monuments built by the rulers of Malwa. Some of the most renowned ones include Hindola Mahal and Jahaz Mahal, Hoshang Shah's tomb, and Jami Masjid (Damascus's great mosque was the inspiration behind its architecture). In fact, these are the structures that inspired Shahjahan to build one of the Seven Wonders of the World - Taj Mahal, centuries later.

You should not miss the 12 gateways, present on the parapets of the wall. The most renowned of them all is the Delhi Darwaza. Other main gateways are Tarapur Gate, Jehangir Gate, and Rampol Darwaza. While visiting Mandu, you should also have a look at the architectural brilliance such as Baz Bahadur's Palace and Rewa Kund. The latter is actually a water reservoir, built by Baz Bahadur for his paramour Roopmati, to ensure adequate availability of water in her palace.

Roopmati's Pavilion is one of the greatest buildings of this place. Rani Roopmati used to stay in the two pavilions, from where she could watch her lover's palace while the lonely Narmada River flows far below through the Nimar plains.

Max Temperature28 °C
Min Temperature23 °C
Average Annual Rainfall3,000 mm
DistrictDhar District
ReligionHinduism, Christianity, Islam
Best Time to VisitJuly to March
ClothingLight cotton during summers and warm clothes during winters.

How to Reach Mandu

The nearest airport to Mandu is at Indore which is 99 km away. The flights connect to cities like Indore with Delhi, Mumbai, Gwalior and Bhopal on regular basis.

The nearest rail-head is at Ratlam. Being one of the main railway stations, almost all trains stop at this station.

The road network that connects Mandu to other cities is quite strong. Regular buses connect this city with other cities like Dhar (35 km), Indore, Ratlam, Ujjain (154 km) and Bhopal (285 km via Indore).


Besides usual shopping complexes and shopping arcades, having the latest and happening brands, you will find unique handicrafts in Mandu, Madhya Pradesh. These handicrafts bear traditional and cultural touch of this place. You will be amazed by witnessing the mystical and inspired craftsmanship. Many of these art forms were on the brink of extinction. This is when Madhya Pradesh Hastshilp Evam Hathkargha Vikas Nigam Ltd. chipped in to protect this art form from extinction. You can collect the local art forms not only as a souvenir but also to decorate the interior of your house. Visit one of the several Craft Development Centers and purchase the ones that attract your fancy.

Some of the local art forms you cannot miss are Chanderi, Block Print, Silk Chiffon Hand Woven Sarees, Zardosi, Maheshwari, Padana and Mandsaur (Handwoven Cotton Bedspreads), Batik, Gudi-Mudi Khadi, Leather Craft, Woollen Panja Dari, Dabu Prints, Tussar Silk Weaving, Bell Metal Craft, Bagh Prints, Tribal Saree Collection, Woollen Carpet, Cotton Panja Dari, and Wood Block Printing. You will be spoiled for choice while visiting the handicraft centers in Mandu for shopping.

haz Mahal
  • Bagh Caves
  • Hindola Mahal
  • Rewa Kund
  • Baz Bahadur's Palace
  • Dilawar Khan's Mosque
  • Nilkanth Mahal
  • Chhappan Mahal Museum
  • Roopmati's Pavilion
  • Darya Khan's Tomb complex
  • Hoshang Shah's Tomb
  • The Darwazas (Gates)

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