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Bhopal Tourist Map
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Bhopal Tourism

A travel to Bhopal will be a charming trip which will surely transport you to the splendor and glory of the Nawab era. The history of Bhopal dates back to the 11th century AD, when the legendary King Bhoja built it. However, the founding of the existing city was by an Afghan soldier, Dost Mohammed, who fleeing from Delhi in the chaotic period that followed Aurangzeb's death met the Gond queen Kamlapati, who sought his aid after the murder of her consort. A charming legend relates how the queen would recline in a lotus barge that, on moonlights, would drift across the lake. The two lakes of Bhopal still dominate the city and the city has also earned the name the 'city of lakes'.

How to Reach Bhopal

Bhopal, also called the city of lakes, is the capital of the state of Madhya Pradesh.Tourists can reach Bhopal by air, rail and road.

By Air

Bhopal airport is 12 km from the Old City. Regular flights connect Bhopal with Delhi, Gwalior, Indore and Mumbai.

By Train

Bhopal is on one of the two main Delhi to Mumbai railway lines. The railway station is near Hamidia road. Major trains going from Bombay to Delhi via Itarsi and Jhansi also go through Bhopal. More Trains...

By Road

There are numerous daily buses to Sanchi (46 km), Vidisha, Indore (186 km), Ujjain (188 km) and Jabalpur (295 km).

Distance to Bhopal
  • From delhi - 744 KM
  • From hyderabad - 839 KM
  • From kolkata - 1356 KM
  • From bhubaneswar - 1192 KM
  • From chennai - 1435 KM
  • From guwahati - 1855 KM
  • From mumbai - 779 KM
  • From ahmedabad - 568 KM
  • From patna - 911 KM
  • From indore - 186 KM
  • From nagpur - 352 KM
  • From ranchi - 1069 KM
  • From kanpur - 601 KM
Bhopal Distance Chart

Shopping in Bhopal

Shopping in Bhopal is quite a fascinating experience .The markets in Bhopal have a picturesque ambience lined by old havelis and mosques. The two main markets in Bhopal are the Chowk and New Market.

Mrignayani Emporium and Handicrafts Emporium are two good places for souvenirs hunting and they also stock a good collection of local handicrafts. Women's Co-op Zari Centre, Pir Gate sells bags with some exquisite zari work (rich embroidery done with gold and silver thread) and chiffon sarees.

Bhopal is known for its tussar silks, a combination of cotton and silk which is very flimsy. It is said that Emperor Aurangzeb insisted that his daughter wear seven layers of it! MP State Emporium, GTB Complex, TT Nagar, specializes in chanderi saris and fabrics as well as tussar and other raw silks

Tourist Places in Bhopal

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