Places to Visit in Sanchi

Close to Vidisha in Madhya Pradesh, Sanchi is a renowned Buddhist site. A number of Stupas, Viharas, monasteries, and numerous relics excavated from the area and nearby monuments form the tourist attractions in Sanchi.

The cluster of monuments located on some 91meters high hilltop commands an enchanting view even from a distance.

Although Sanchi was not the site of any incident in Lord Buddha's life, the past glory of Buddhism comes alive as you visit the well-preserved tourist attractions in Sanchi.

Places to See in Sanchi


Several numbers of Stupas that are located in Sanchi are the main tourist attractions in Sanchi. The major Stupas are referred as Stupa No: 1, Stupa No: 2, Stupa No: 3 etc. Stupa No: 1 was built by Ashoka the great and has a massive hemispherical dome. Stupa No: 2 stands on the edge of the hill. The crowned hemispherical dome of the Stupa No: 3 marks of its special religious significance. Read More.....

Ashoka Pillar

The Ashoka Pillar stands near the Stupa No: 1. The pillar is marked by its aesthetic beauty and unique structural balance. Shining with the proverbial Mauryan polish, it carries the famous edict of Ashoka warning against schism in the Buddhist community.

Buddhist Vihara

This is a modern monument. The relics found in Satdhara Stupa are enshrines in a glass casket here in the inner sanctum.

The Great Bowl

Excavation has revealed this mammoth bowl carved out of a single piece of stone. Food used to be distributed from this bowl to the Buddhist monks living at Sanchi.

Gupta Temple

It is one of the earliest known examples of Indian temple architecture.

Last Updated on : September 23, 2013