7 Most Popular Indian Comfort Street Foods

Enjoy street foods.

India is a nation known far and wide for its diversity and variety. When it comes to street food, we’re not behind either. With every state having its famous street food, Indian cuisine and culture are pretty popular in foreign nations. Here is a list of India’s most popular comfort street foods!

1. Momos:

The Indian take on this Chinese menu item needs no introduction. It is one of the most popular and special food item in India. Readily available from small street-side vendors to multi-star hotels, momos come in all shapes, sizes and many different fillings. A plate of momos with red chutney is an image sure to make anyone’s mouth water in India!

2. Bhutta/Roasted Corn:

Bhutta/Roasted corn is a monsoon favourite. Many local vendors sit beside the roads with their small grills, roasting corn served hot with lemon juice and salt on top. The tangy, spicy and sweet corn is an explosion of flavours in the mouth and definitely something everyone can relate to the rainy season.

3. Bhelpuri:

Essentially known to have originated from Kolkata under the name ‘jhali-muri’, bhelpuri is created with rice puffs mixed with ‘bhel’, chana dal, peanuts, onions and many other spicy, refreshing ingredients. It is an all-year-round fan favourite served in paper cones that make it look delicious and exciting.

4. Pav bhaji:

Spicy, buttery goodness. Do we need to say anything about pav bhaji? The bhaji is cooked on large flat ‘tavas’ or pans by mincing mixed vegetables and potatoes in a gravy of tomatoes with spices. Pav is a type of bread that is toasted with butter and served hot with the bhaji. It is found in every state all year round. Pav bhaji is forever one of the tastiest Indian street food.

5. Gol-gappe:

This dish has many different names, ‘puchka’, ‘pani-batasha’ or ‘gol-gappe’ in the north. The one constant is its immense popularity and incredible taste! The lockdown might have taken food away from the streets, but it couldn’t keep Indian families from making ‘gol-gappe’ at their home itself! Suji/Salmonella or Aata/Wheat puffballs get filled with sweet or tangy ‘imli’ water. 

6. Chole Bhature

If there ever was a food for the phrase soul food, it is indeed the Punjabi fan favourite ‘chole bhature’, loved by people across all generations. The very combination of spicy chole in thick red gravy with the pillowy soft, and chewy Bhaturas is a match made in heaven.

7. Daulat ki chaat:

If you’re planning on being in Delhi during the winters, this street food is something you most definitely should give a try. It is a dessert made by sweetened milk heated and moved for hours, then left outside overnight to soak all the goodness in. This sweet and frothy milk by now has gained a cloud-like thick and creamy texture. It is topped with dry fruits and sugar. Daulat ki chaat will leave you feeling full and happy.