Humshakals: Movie Review

Humshakals Movie Poster
Humshakals Movie
Humshakals Movie Poster
Humshakals Movie

Release Date: 20th June 2014


Directed by: Sajid Khan

Music: Himesh Reshammiya

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Watching a Sajid Khan film was never such a nuisance until I watched Himmatwala and lost all my hope! Exactly a year after that disaster, when I saw the trailer of Humshakals, I found myself extremely traumatized with fear. And today I officially became unsound! If Himmatwala was a disaster, Humshakals is that apocalypse that leaves no one alive! Only if directing a film could be proved a crime, Sajid Khan would have been behind the bars for harassing the audience! Humshakals is yet another painstaking trash from the king of disasters, Sajid Khan. And as the promos hinted, its nine times the torture this time!

Plot: Never in my life have I found myself so confused about the plot of the film! Was there actually any or was there not? Ashok and Kumar, two childhood buddies, are trapped in a situation created by Ashok’s Uncle KANS. Trying to get out the trap laid for them, they eventually discover their lookalikes who also have their lookalikes and then everything in the film actually looks alike!

Performances: I wonder what Bebo will be goin through after watching Saif in such an avatar! Saif has never been such a disgrace in his entire career as he turns out to be in this highly dud film. Humshakals only proves his desperateness to be seen on the silver screen!

Since we have seen Riteish in such comedies and people are aware of his capabilities, he doesn’t seem to be as bad as Saif Ali Khan. But it was definitely not a wise decision of his to be a part of this film.

Ram Kapoor is fairly good on his part, especially when he turns into his female counterpart.

The three ladies, Bipasha, Tamannaah and Esha, are only there for glamor quotient. Besides that, I don’t think even the three of them would have any idea as to what exactly are they doing in the film!

Music: The music of the film is Himesh Reshammiya’s culpability to make it even more difficult for the audience to sit through the movie. Except for one or two, the songs are unimaginably insane!

What’s Good: Three things on count- Riteish Deshmukh, Ram Kapoor and the song “Caller Tune”. The second half is much bearable than the first half!

What’s Bad: Sajid Khan’s audacity to blatantly torture the audience! Besides that Saif Ali Khan, the film’s oppressive humor, the so called plot, the music and everything that you could name!

Humshakals is a big blot on the entire concept of slapstick comedy! The film’s freakishly low level of humor will leave you so dumbfounded that you could even forget your way back the cinema hall! It is by far the worst kind of drudgery anybody would have ever seen. Sitting through the entire film will leave you on the brink of lunacy! Therefore, it is a strict advice to not only save yourself off the misery but also to stop each and everyone around you from committing this suicide!

Verdict: For those who unfortunately sat through the film- “Hum pagal nai hain, humara dimaag kharab hai!”

Rating: *