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Clickable Population Map
Population Density
Population Density Map
Cities More Than a Million Population (1991)
Cities More Than a Million Population (2001)
Census Maps of India
Percentage Decadal Growth of Population(2001)
Birth Rate (Census, 1991)
Death Rate (Census, 1991)
Infant mortality Rate, 1992
Population Maps of States
Labor and Economy
Agricultural Laborers (Census 1991)
Level of Economic Development (Census 1991)
Main Workers (Census, 1991)
Female Main Workers (Census, 1991)
Male Main Workers (Census, 1991)
Workers in Primary Sector, 1991
Workers in Secondary Sector, 1991
Workers in Tertiary Sector, 1991
Literacy Map
Female Literates Map (Census 2001)
Male Literates Map (Census 2001)
Female Literacy District wise Map (Census 2001)
Population ratio
Female Child Population Map (Census 2001)
Male Child Population Map (Census 2001)
Clickable Sex Ratio Map Of India (Census2001)
Rural Sex Ratio, 1991
Urban Sex Ratio, 1991
Sex ratio in different states

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