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I'am a quintessential traveler surfing the winds of time. With horizons everywhere ... still searching for my path.....can I ? ....will I ?....if only time will wait... but the winds... they never wait !!!

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Essay on the festival of holi for school students

The popular ‘Festival of Colours’, Holi is just around the corner and so we continue our tradition of bringing you a comprehensive snapshot of all the information students and teachers will need, to write an interesting essay on one of India’s most widely celebrated festivals. Origins of the Festival: When Good Triumphed Evil As per Hindu mythology, the origins of Holi date back to the time of Lord Vishnu. There was a demon king called [...]

Naya Bazar Explosion in Old Delhi

Yesterday morning, local residents and traders of Naya Bazar in the Walled City of Old Delhi were rocked by a loud explosion that left one person dead and five others injured. Several shops and buildings in the area were damaged. People panicked with no one sure whether it was a bomb that went off or something else. Shopkeepers immediately downed their shutters while residents residing in the upper sections of buildings remained confined to their [...]

Curfew Brings Sadness and Pain to Eid this Year

In secular India, Eid has always been a festival of joy and brotherhood to not just Muslims but all Indians, wherein everyone joins in together for family and community celebrations. Eid-ul-Adha is the time to get a taste of the best in Muslim cuisine, which begins with warm hugs between family members, friends, colleagues and neighbours, before indulging in the best of gastronomical delights. But this year in the Kashmir Valley, Eid will bring no [...]

June 25, 2016
Festivals in July

India is a land of rich cultural diversity where people celebrate life and heritage through festivals that comprise rituals, food, cultural programs, costumes with lots of love and sharing of goodwill. It’s a time when one would not just like to see but participate in each festival, for that’s what festivals are for – fun, joy, sharing and most of all, celebrating life. The month of July is a monsoon month in India and besides [...]