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Facebook and Aadhaar Data Leaks

  How safe is our privacy in this world of social media? Privacy is an important aspect of human life, thus, in a majority of the democratic countries, central institutions play an important role in safeguarding the privacy of an individual. Institutions require our personal information to access certain services and they do so on the basis of maintaining that a person’s personal information should not be accessible to a third-party. But in recent times, [...]

Women are the most important members of the society serving multitude roles such as being a mother, sister, daughter, wife, and a friend etc. These days the role of women has not been restricted to household rather many women are occupying a high position in society they are excelling in every field whether its sports, finance, education etc. Thus, in the past few years, the government has launched many schemes for women aimed at their [...]

triple talaq verdict

This morning, a five member Supreme Court bench delivered the verdict on the Muslim practice of Triple Talaq and decreed it unconstitutional. Triple Talaq is a practice followed by some Muslim communities in the country as a form of divorce wherein a man can end his marriage by merely pronouncing the word Talaq thrice. The controversy surrounding the issue arises from the fact that the divorced woman is not provided any legal safeguards against such [...]

India is in the forefront in its commitment to the Paris Agreement, and 1.5 million citizens of India, supporting the cause of the nation, gathered along the Narmada River in the state of Madhya Pradesh, and helped in planting 66 million trees in just 12 hours, last Sunday, 2 July, 2017. To keep things in perspective, it equals the entire population of cities in the US like Philadelphia working towards a cause. In fact India [...]

In a first-of-its-kind surgery in India, a team of 12 specialist doctors of Galaxy Care Laparoscopy Institute (GCLI) in Pune successfully carried out India’s first Uterine transplant on a 22-year-old woman from Solapur district of Maharashtra.  The donor of the uterus was the woman’s 40-year-old mother. At the time of writing this, both were doing fine and recovering. Globally, over 1.5 million suffer from absolute uterine infertility, a condition where the woman may have been [...]

In a landmark verdict, the Supreme Court upheld the death sentence awarded to the four accused who raped and brutalized Nirbhaya that fateful night of 16 December 2012. In doing so, the Supreme Court brought some sense of closure to her parents who have been patiently waiting to get justice for their daughter, who is no more. Announcing the verdict in front of a packed courtroom, the three-member apex bench comprising Justices Dipak Misra, R. [...]

Swachh Survekshan 2017

Union Minister for Urban Development Venkaiah Naidu released the Swachh Survekshan 2017, an annual report that rates the cleanliness in municipalities of 500 cities and towns of India. The 2017 report ranks Indore (M.P) as No.1 cleanest city in India with Bhopal (M.P) at No.2. The ignominy of being ranked the dirtiest went to Gonda (U.P) with the next dirtiest going to Bhusawal (Maharashtra). Gujarat has the distinction of having 12 of its cities in [...]

Selfie mania is sweeping the world and India has the dubious distinction of being the leading nation to record maximum selfie-triggered deaths followed by Pakistan, USA and Russia, according to a study by Carnegie Mellon University in the US. Taking selfies can be fun and that was the idea behind the developers of the selfie camera but little did the technovators realize that latent narcissism among people, especially the youth, will create an obsession for [...]

Bhavya Handa

Respected Mr. Neemuchwala, Mr. Mukherjee, and Mr. Malkani, Each day, every day, across your many offices around the globe, you all must be receiving numerous letters and correspondences. This is unlike any of them. This letter is unlike any other I have written in my life. It is one I hope never to write again. A beautiful young soul left our midst. But her death was not a natural one. Twenty-six-year old Bhavya Handa had [...]

Simmer this summer

Growing up in a fairly urban environment in the ’80s and ’90s, the only times I heard the word “Nationalist” were when my history teacher was in a particularly good mood and we were in for some lessons on the Indian struggle for independence. And the only times the word “Nationalist” was uttered in heated conversations, was when my friends and I pretended to be Moderates and Radicals and dressed up as freedom fighters. Good [...]