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Yammuna River on Deathbed

River Yamuna or Jamuna Ji, as the river is known to millions of people who live on or near the banks of River Yamuna and its tributaries, is considered holy according to the Indian mythology, as the river acts as a lifeline for it’s population in the region. The river originates from Yamunotri Glaciers in the Himalayas and flows downward through the states Uttrakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, entire Delhi, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh, [...]

Women Empowerment Schemes in India

Women are the most important members of the society serving multitude roles such as being a mother, sister, daughter, wife, and a friend etc. These days the role of women has not been restricted to household rather many women are occupying a high position in society they are excelling in every field whether its sports, finance, education etc. Thus, in the past few years, the government has launched many schemes for women aimed at their [...]

cons of excessive use of technology

Mobile proliferation is at an all-time high in the country. On the surface, the internet and mobile technology seem to be bringing the world closer.  It is now easy for us to connect with a stranger halfway across the world.  But the truth is that excessive use of technology is also creating a deep chasm between us and our loved ones. While it is easy to pick up the phone and text a friend, visiting [...]

Organ Donation in India

One of the most poignant news reports of this year came in September 2017 from Krishnagiri, a small town in northern Tamil Nadu. Aravind Kumar K, a 23 year old soldier serving with the Indian Army in Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir), came home on leave to visit his parents who are farmers. Aravind was riding his bike and met with an accident that left him with a severe head injury. Despite the best of efforts [...]


The national capital chokes again. A dark, heavy blanket of smog descends over Delhi and neighbouring regions and despite the ban on the sale of crackers this Diwali, residents of NCR are forced to breathe toxic fumes that will inevitably reduce their lifespans. Through this week pictures and news reports of thick smog, low visibility, and crippled life in the national capital kept surfacing. The AAP-led state administration seemed keen to blame non-cooperation of the [...]

Speeches of Mahatma Gandhi

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi – the greatest of leaders, champion of truth and non-violence, father of the nation – has been an inspiration for free men all over the world.  As we approach yet another Gandhi Jayanti (2 October) let us take a look at some of the Mahatma’s most memorable speeches -   Benaras Hindu University Speech (4 February, 1916) – “If we are to receive self-government, we shall have to take it… freedom loving as [...]

World Heart Day

Young Indians are increasingly suffering from lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases. So much so, that the country has been deemed the diabetes and heart disease capital of the world. The Indian Heart Association says, “50 percent of all heart attacks in Indians occur under 50 years of age and 25 percent of all heart attacks in Indians occur under 40 years of age”. The statistics are scary but heart health is certainly [...]

Rohingya Crisis

Who Are The Rohingya Refugees? The Rohingya community is a Sunni Islamic (Bengali-speaking) community from the state of Rakhine in Myanmar (previously Burma). Myanmar, however, refuses to acknowledge members of the community as citizens and claims that the Rohingya are Bangladeshis who (illegally) entered the country during the British colonial era. For over six decades, however, the Rohingya have lived in Myanmar despite having (allegedly) faced much discrimination, ostracism, and violence. Not only are the [...]


Recent news reports of infant deaths in various cities of India have left the country in a state of absolute shock. The deplorable state of child health and mortality in the country has caused much worry among the people. While globally, most countries are registering significant improvements in infant and child mortality rates, India seems to have taken a turn for the worse. In 2016, over  9,00,000 children under the age of 5 lost their [...]

Children Safety in Schools

The brutal murder of seven year old Pradyumn in the bathroom of a reputable school, Ryan International School, in Gurugram, last week has left parents from the National Capital Region (NCR) and in fact from all over India in a deep state of shock. The police have arrested the school’s bus conductor who is believed to have slit the child’s throat after having tried to molest him. The gory details of the assault and the [...]