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best winter cocktail recipes 2016

Winter is perhaps the best season in India because of all the charm associated with it. It is because of the wonderful weather in this season that we can indulge in our culinary fantasies to our heart’s content, and some intoxicating drinks. Also, is there anything better than shaking off the wintery chill with some good booze! If you love raising a toast with your friends and family, here is what to drink when the [...]

October 29, 2014

Curd or dahi is used all over India in different preparations. It is considered good for your stomach as it cools down the digestive system and gives a much needed respite from the Indian curries and spice rich dishes. If we look at north, we find curd drinks like lassi in sweet and salt form, in the south we see curd rice and. Raita is common throughout the country while plain and flavoured yogurts are [...]

September 26, 2014
Yakhni Shorba

Soups are perfect for any weather, they can be made in vegetarian varieties like tomato, carrot, mushroom etc, while non-vegetarian varieties include chicken, mutton etc. Shorba is an Indian name for the soups and Yakhni Shorba is a mutton soup, very rich in proteins and is advised to people who are recovering from bone loss etc., and need high proteins in their diet. The soup has a simple and perfect taste and goes well before [...]

Gulkand and Paan Cooler

Paan or betel leaves have been long used in India and considered auspicious. They are used in Hindu religion for most rituals and pooja. Combined with other ingredients like gulkand, katha, saunf and mouth freshner etc, they are very famous after meals and sold in large numbers on numerous corner paan shops all over India. As Indians most of us would have had a paan sometime or the other, so why not use very similar [...]

August 3, 2014
Virgin Mint Julep

Sometimes when you want to enjoy the weather, the ambience and the company of like-minded friends, a mocktail comes in very handy. This is exactly what Virgin Mint Julep gives you, a perfectly balanced taste of lemon and mint creating a refreshed mind and body. Lemon gives you the Vitamin C while the mint leaves are also known for helping in preventing various diseases, so the combo creates lasting benefits. Mixed with crushed ice this [...]

July 25, 2014
Badam Ka Harira

Almonds are extremely nutritious and should be included in daily diet. We can eat them raw or include them in various things we make at home. The recipe I’ve today comes from the city of Hyderabad and uses almonds in the preparation. Badam Ka Harira is very nutritious drink and generally served to new mothers. Usually it is served hot and tastes absolutely delicious. You can serve it after meals or any time during the [...]

July 17, 2014
Badam Ka Sharbat

Sharbat’s has been used in India since traditional times. As kids and even now, roohafza, rose and mint sharbat’s are the favorites as summer drinks. Right now it is also Ramzaan time and iftar in the evening needs a perfect beverage to go with the food. So why not make healthy Badam Ka Sharbat? Badam or almonds are rich in proteins and carbohydrates, you can easily make a sharbat and store it in the refrigerator for [...]

June 18, 2014
Banana Apricot Milkshake

Milkshakes are always good for a great start to the day or just to get some extra energy when you want. They can be made with many different fruits like mangoes, banana, strawberry, avocado etc. Today, I also mixed some apricots to my milkshake to make it zara hatke. Apricots come during the summer season and are very tasty, they are also a good source of Vitamin A & C and other minerals such as potassium, calcium [...]

Traditional Drinks of India

Summers are here and each one of us is trying to beat the heat in some or the other way! Dealing with the fallouts of the sultry Indian summer is a hard nut to crack! Summer brings in with it several stumbling blocks like extreme thirst, hot loo, perspiration, itchy skin and what not! But as they say, every lock has a key, every problem has a solution! And the solution to keep your spirit [...]

May 26, 2014
Orange Cooler

Summers are at their peak, and a lot of my friends are taking weekend breaks to nearby hill stations. Some are avoiding stepping out in the sun. However, both these are not always possible, so why not make something else which gives a great, soothing experience? Juices are always good to have, they give nutrients and vitamins from fruits and everybody loves them. So I used orange juice, rich in vitamin C, for making my cooler [...]