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Boarding Schools in India

Some of the best-known and best-ranked schools in India are boarding schools. These schools have produced some of the brightest academic talents, sportsmen, and administrators in the country. Here is a list of the top 5 boarding schools in the country ranked on the basis of their academics, sporting tradition, culture and extracurricular activities, discipline, community service, infrastructure, and overall development of the pupils. Admission to most boarding schools in India is granted if the [...]

Non IIT Engineering Colleges in India Apart

We all dream of being the best that we can be in our lives and one way of achieving it is to study in the best institutes. In India, students who dream of being successful engineers one day, aim to study in IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology) and NITs (National Institutes of Technology). However, not all of us can always get through these. But we must not lose hope just because we did not get [...]

Scholarship for Engineering

If you’ve always dreamed of pursuing an engineering degree but think that financial hurdles may pull the brakes on your education, fret not. India is the land of opportunity; more specifically those who are meritorious are always accorded adequate opportunities. The following are various scholarships available for students pursuing BE, B.Tech, and higher studies in the field of Engineering – INDIAN OIL CORPORATION SCHOLARSHIPS Indian Oil offers scholarships for students pursuing full time courses (including [...]

Selection Crieteria of IIM

The selection criteria for IIM (Indian Institute of Management) tend to differ from one centre to another. Normally the IIMs have a selection process that comprises two stages. First one is the written exam or CAT and the second one is GWPI or group discussion, written ability test, and personal interview. In most of the cases the applicants are shortlisted after the first stage by looking at how well they have performed in the written [...]

Digital Education Initiatives

Ever since the NDA government came to power in 2014, there has been a great deal of emphasis on digital initiatives. From increasing the ease of doing business through online clearances to launching a complaints and suggestions application, we’re finding ourselves increasingly hooked to digital devices. Why then should the vast expanse of our nation remain deprived of quality education when we have the technology to reach out to the masses? In an attempt to [...]

India's best companies to work for

It is every company’s dream to be recognized as one the best companies to work with. It is also every young man’s dream to work in one of the best companies of the country. Just a week back, Economic Times, ET organized its annual “ET’s India’s Best Companies to Work For Awards ceremony”. Year 2017 marked the tenth anniversary of this award show. It was attended by various CEOs along with their HR heads and [...]

delhi university admissions

Delhi University admission is a much watched event in the country. It is an extremely stressful time and gives the best of students sleepless nights. Ever increasing cut off make college admission a nightmare. Finding their way into one of the prestigious colleges may remain unattainable dream. Those who do not have the requisite marks, however, try to find a seat under the ECA quota or sports quota. The ECA or extra-curricular activities quota allows [...]

Education and Technology

When we are living in the 21st century, is there any scope of escaping from the world of technology? We are living in a world where digital technology is influencing us in different ways. We see the use of technology in every aspect, in our day-to-day activities, manufacturing and industries, services, education etc. In fact, one sector which has seen a major transformation over the years through the use of technology is the education and [...]

Tamil Nadu Plans Class XI Boards

Tamil Nadu State Government has decided to conduct a board exam for the Class XI students from 2018. In a major reform in school education in Tamil Nadu since 1979, the state government has also decided to issue a consolidated mark sheet based on marks secured in Classes XI and XII for students passing out in 2019. Tamil Nadu’s school education minister K A Sengottaiyan on Wednesday afternoon announced and stated that this decision is [...]

delhi university admissions 2017

It is that time of the year again. CBSE has declared its Class XII results and students are on the threshold of college admissions. Hope, ambitions, and dreams are harnessed as cut-offs are checked, applications filed, and preparations for entrance exams commence. Let us take a look around Delhi University – one of the most coveted universities of the country and try to read the admissions scenario this year. More Admission Seekers Knock DU Doors [...]