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Simmer this summer

Growing up in a fairly urban environment in the ’80s and ’90s, the only times I heard the word “Nationalist” were when my history teacher was in a particularly good mood and we were in for some lessons on the Indian struggle for independence. And the only times the word “Nationalist” was uttered in heated conversations, was when my friends and I pretended to be Moderates and Radicals and dressed up as freedom fighters. Good [...]

November 21, 2016
bird talk currency

It is indeed unfortunate that a well-intentioned move by the government had such poor foresight on the short-term consequences of demonetization. It seems that little thought has gone into how the government would execute the withdrawal of earlier currency and introduce the new ones. Each day, the nation is losing productive time with people wasting an entire day standing in queues, desperate to withdraw or deposit their hard earned money. The damage is done, but [...]

Surgical Strike Against Black Money Humour Image 1

The government has taken a commendable bold step towards fighting corruption. However, the abruptness of it has left many a honest, tax-paying citizen tense, worried and actually without any money, even if for a few days. We believe that it could have been handled better. Also, if the move to demonetize was to take on black money in a major way, then the government should not have introduced the Rs 2000 note. It will now [...]

Board Exam Jokes

The Class 10 board exams may be coming back, but the education system in the country continues to remain sub-par; where states look at education as mere statistics to fulfil rather than any serious attempt to educate the child and develop a model citizen.  Mass copying and other forms of cheating have eaten into an already rotten system that leaves no differentiation between those who seek knowledge and those who just need to pass. Before [...]

India Pakistan Humour Image

India and Pakistan’s relations have nosedived to the lowest levels, with Pakistan threatening to nuke us if we try any misadventure against them. But BEFORE they use the N-word, should they not get their F’s straight? Just saying! Well, Pakistan is ranting about its superior defence forces and nuclear arsenal. Take a look at Mukesh Ambani’s wealth, one of the richest men in the world. Now, he can really buy the armed forces of Pakistan! [...]