Aloo Chaat Reinvented

Aloo Chaat - Reinvented
You love a food, you hate the same food - Aloo Chaat
Aloo Chaat - Reinvented
You love a food, you hate the same food – Aloo Chaat

Aloo Chaat is so famous that Dilli Ki Aloo Chaat inspired a full length Bollywood feature film made around its flavor. It is tough to resist this evening snack specialty. The challenge is that “deep frying” followed by “shallow frying” raises eyebrows of even those who are not health conscious. And then that never ending addition of masalas, every spoon of that makes us tell ourselves, it is not going to do any wrong. There has to be a way out and hash-browns are not that way.

Aloo Chaat in the picture above has won many fans since it was “invented” a couple of months back. It tastes awesome and is undoubtedly a healthier option. Here is how you can make it.

Aloo Chaat Recipe

1. Boil potatoes add some salt, black pepper and green chillies slit lengthwise to the water while boiling. The idea is to get some flavor inside.
2. Never overcook, allow it to cool, cube it in 1/2 inch pieces.
3. Chop a couple of green chillies thinly and prepare cilantro/ coriander leaves as shown in the picture.
4. Put a flat pan (non-stick) on fire, add one TBSP of olive oil per potato the the pan.
5. Add salt, black pepper and chopped green chillies. Toss them.
6. Add cubed potatoes, and keep turning them lightly. Play around with  the fire to ensure proper layering and get that crunchy, crispy feeling.
7. Add chopped coriander leaves, check salt.
8. Transfer to a plate, squeeze some lemon and mix it lightly.
9. Garnish as desired.
10. Always serve hot.

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