Serving India for 15 Years

“Give a bit of yourself to others everyday, you never know how much each gesture means to someone else.”

This thought came in mind today morning when I was travelling to office by the Delhi Metro. I saw a metro train was taking rest at a yard. I thought about the comfort the metro train provided us. Metro Employees are just doing their duty, but they are serving India and proving them comfort and ease.

The same applies to which provides almost all types of information and an unmatched quality of maps to visitors for the past 15 years. 3 Lakhs  visitor come to the website everyday and find the information they want and satisfy their need for information through, which serves 3 Lakhs Indians everyday and making their life easier and increasing their knowledge by proving valuable information to them. It is a countable contribution to India.


I wrote this post not because I am employee of but as an Indian who took the benefit of

Thank you! God bless you to keep going!