Lucknow Street Food

Lucknow Street Food

Lucknow-the city of Nawabs is known for its rich history, culture, art and most importantly for a non-vegetarian foodie, the city is known for being a non-vegetarian’s paradise with its gobsmacking street food. The streets of Lucknow have a lot to offer and especially if you are soul searching for some of the best non-vegetarian food. The old narrow lanes of Lucknow serves as a testament to the glorious history of the city, and the impression of the various rulers reflected on the culture, art, and the food of the city. Travellers from across the world tend to forget the hygienic quotient back at home, as the delicate Nawabi flavours and rich spices in the food leave you wanting for more and more, from mouthwatering Kebabs to soul smoothing Kulfis.

If you are planning to visit the city of Nawabs, then here are some of the best street food places to visit while in Lucknow to satisfy your hunger:

Tunday Kebab, Tunday ke Kebab, Chowk Bazaar

Being a meat- you just simply can’t miss out on these tender spiced Galawati kebabs on the Chowk Road-the most famous lane in Lucknow, known for its mouth-watering street foods. There’s an interesting story to how the Kebabs got its present-day name Tunday Kebab-once there was a Nawab (Nawab of Kakori), he just could not resist the lip smacking kebabs, even though, he could barely chew them.

Tunday Kebab, Tunday ke Kebab, Chowk Bazaar

To continue enjoying his kebabs, the Nawab called for a competition to make the kebabs tender to melt inside the mouth without even making an effort to chew them. Haji Murad Ali-the man with one hand as his other hand was amputated, won the competition, and the kebabs got its name Tunday(amputated arm) due to the disability of the cook. However, it did not stop him from making the best kebabs throughout the country. The recipe remains a part of the family tradition and has passed onto generations, and still you can feel more than 150 ingredients and tender meat galloping down your throat satisfying your tastebuds like nothing else can.

Nahari Kulcha, Rahim kie Kulche Nahari. Akbari gate, Chowk Bazaar

Rahim ki Nahari inside the narrow lanes of Chowk bazaar is a century-old food heaven started by Haji Abdur Raheem Saheb in 1890, and since then this small place has served millions over the years with its savoury Nahari and delectable Ghilaaf Kulcha. The Nahari is cooked overnight with tender juicy pieces of meat, potli masala, garam masala, and other masalas.

Nahari Kulcha, Rahim ki Kulche Nahari. Akbarigate, Chowk Bazaar

The recipe has been preserved by the family since the inception of the eating joint, and the secret ingredients make the nahari special for its devout customers. The ghilaaf kulcha, is made with flour, milk, ghee, khameer, and others. Baked in the tandoor, ghilaaf refers to the upper layer formed while the lower layer is khameer. This mouth-savory combination is served as breakfast or lunch. It is a delight to have when feeding the hungry stomach early in the morning and feels like heavens have descended on the tastebuds.

Bun-Makkhan, Sharma Ji Tea Stall, Lalbagh

Your trip to Lucknow can never be complete without a visit to Sharma ji Tea Stall in Lalbagh, this tea shop can be spotted easily due to the large number of crowd present throughout the day.

Located right in the middle of narrow lanes of Hazratganj, this place has been serving hot tea, bun maska and round samosas since Pandit Om Prakash Sharma migrated from Aligarh to Lucknow in 1948.

 Bun-Makkhan, Sharma Ji Tea Stall, Lalbagh

Over the years, people from various states and countries have visited this place for its famous mouth savoury bun maska with delicious round samosa served along with hot tea.

The place is jam-packed throughout the day with hardly any space to move, but, the hustle-bustle past the crowd is worth it as the taste of soft bun makkhan engulfs your tongue, while soothes the tea loving people with its masala chai.

Idris ki Biryani, Raja Bazaar, Chowk

Biryani lovers, if you are in Lucknow or traveling to Lucknow, you just can’t miss the sumptuous Biryani served at Idris Biryani. This place is one of the food gems of the by-lanes of Chowk in old Lucknow, the modest setup does not disappoint as the food is worth the wait.

Idris Biryani, Raja Bazaar, Chowk

The mutton biryani along with delicious mutton korma is a match made in heaven. Idris ki biryani has this blend of masalas and that Lucknavi taste that makes it unique in every single manner, you can literally, feel the distinctive taste bursting onto your tastebuds, making every bite feel like ecstasy.

Prakash ki Kulfi, Aminabad and Gomti Nagar

Lucknow has some of the best sweets in North India, and if you have a sweet tooth you will not be disappointed. The city has wide range of sweets such as Shahi Tukda, Makkhan Malai, Phirni, Malai Gilori, and Zarda. Prakash ki Kulfi is one the best places to satisfy your sweet tooth after a meal, with the place serving the best kulfis and faludas in town, and too in different varients. When you are done engulfing all the Biryanis and the Naharis of Lucknow, Prakash kulfi in Aminabad and Gomti Nagar are the best places to relax your spiced-up taste buds with the crowd favorite kesar kulfi served with falooda over it.

Prakash ki Kulfi, Aminabad and Gomti Nagar

For a traveller if you have been to Lucknow, there is no way you can miss out on the wide range of food that is offered on the crowded lanes of Lucknow. The aroma of the tikkas, kebabs, naharis fill the air and pulls you to try your hands at some of the best non-vegetarian food in the country.

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