Highlights of the 2018 CBSE Class XII Results

CBSE Result 2018

CBSE Result 2018

The CBSE Class XII results are out, and Rank No.1 and 2 are both girls and from the NCR. Meghna Shrivastava of step by Step School, Sectore-132, Taj Expressway, Noida, has topped with 499 out of 500 marks.

Just one mark behind is Anuoushka Chandra from SAJ School, Sec 14C, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad, who came second with 498 marks.

Remarkably, seven students tied at the No.3 spot; two of the seven are from Ghaziabad, one from Noida, one from Meerut, one from Haridwar, one from Ludhiana, and one from Jaipur.

NCR has turned out better results at the top than Delhi, with Ghaziabad standing out with three students in the Top 3 spots.

On an all-India basis, the 2018 results improved over the previous year by almost 1 percent. Following previous year trends, girls once again outperformed boys. 88.31% girls passed the exams, while 78.99% boys cleared the exams.

15,674 students sat for the exams in overseas centres. Of these, 14,881 cleared the exams, representing a pass percentage of 94.94%.

The comparison between 2018 and 2017 class XII examinations:

The total number of schools

  • 2017: 10,673
  • 2018: 11,510

Increase of 837 schools

The total number of exam centres

  • 2017: 3504
  • 2018: 4145

Increase of 641 centres

The total number of students registered

  • 2017: 10,76,761
  • 2018: 11,84,386

Increase of 1,07,625 students

The total number of students appearing in exams

  • 2017: 10,20,762
  • 2018: 11,06,772

Increase of 86,010 students

The total number of students passed

  • 2017: 8,37,229
  • 2018: 9,18,763

Increase of 81,534 students

The total pass percentage

  • 2017: 82.02%
  • 2018: 83.01%

Improvement by 0.99%

Top 3 Regions by Pass percentage

  • Trivandrum: 97.32%
  • Chennai: 93.87%
  • Delhi: 89%

2018 will be remembered for the paper leak controversy for which the Economics examination was held again.

With the results finally out, students can now relax and calmly plan the future course of action in their career plan.

The paper leak controversy

Students who appeared this year for Class X and Class XII examinations, respectively, woke up to the shocking news that the Class X Mathematics and the Class XII Economics papers were leaked.

On March 27, an FIR relating to the Economics paper was filed, and another on March 28 relating to the Mathematics paper.

Uncertainty over postponement or retest exacerbated students’ existing tensions. The source of the Economics paper leak was traced to three persons in Himachal Pradesh including two teachers of a private school.

Admission tips for Class XII students planning their next step

First and foremost, every student must remember that life is a long journey and education is a life long process and comes in different forms. Your exam marks are only one parameter of evaluation and NOT a judgment on your talent, skill, or ability.

Lower marks or even failing the exams is NOT the end of anything. Life is like a cricket match. If a player gets out on a first ball Duck, he goes back to the practice pitch the next day and works hard till he gets it right, and comes back confidently to deliver a better performance.  Remember, some of the biggest success stories in the academic field were failures early in life.

That said, here are some tips that will help you plan your next step in the admission process.

  • Plan a career based on academic performance, interest, and aptitude.
  • If you are planning to sit for entrance examinations, remain clam and carry on the preparations as before.
  • For those planning to apply for undergraduate courses in colleges, please remember the number of students exceed the number of seats available. Therefore, choose the colleges you wish to apply carefully.
  • Keep in mind your career goal while choosing a course to study. Evaluate the relevance of the course to your career plan and how it can benefit.
  • Decide whether you wish to pursue a Masters degree, after graduation. If so, check whether your institution offers the program. If not, consider best options available based on location and cost, before deciding on your undergraduate course.
  • Don’t rush to apply in the best colleges, since excess applications minimize your chances. Keep in mind, the reputation of a college does not guarantee success in a career. It’s your hard work that guarantees it. Some of the most successful people that you consider as role models have studied in less popular institutions and yet were very successful.
  • For those who prefer to study overseas, please check the institution reputation and ranking for the specific course you plan to study. Do not go by the overall reputation of the college only. For instance, one of the top colleges overall may offer you admission in say, Economics, but its possible a college with an overall lower rank may have a higher rank and reputation in the Economics program. Therefore, it would always be better to study in the latter. It is true for many Indian institutions as well. So choose carefully.

And finally, accept and enjoy the next level of academics and continue to believe in your ability, since that is what has brought you this far. Good luck.