Recipe for White Royal Chocolate Bar

Rose petals are one of the most beneficial ingredients which naturally boosts health and beauty. They not only look gorgeous, but these petals also have plenty of health benefits. The rose petals have a high amount of Vitamin C, which fights the free radicals that cause signs of skin ageing and helps fight back by increased collagen production. As a result, rose petals promote bouncy, firm skin and soft skin.

White chocolates are so helpful in relieving anxiety. It is because it contains cocoa butter which is a rich source of antioxidants. Cocoa butter helps eliminate toxic substances from the human body and improves the flexibility in the movement of white blood cells. It also helps to reduce artery-clogging. In addition, white chocolates contain a good amount of calcium as it is made from a higher content of milk.

Let’s make some sweet rosy white royal chocolate bars:


  • 10-15 Almonds
  • One tablespoon watermelon seeds
  • One tablespoon pistachios seeds
  • 200 gms White Compound Chocolate
  • Dried rose petals
  • Pink food colour
  • Rose essence 
  • Chocolate bar mould


1. Heat a pan and add 10-12 almonds.

2. Roast the almonds until it turns a little bit crunchy.

3. Now add one tablespoon of pistachios and watermelon seeds.

4. Keep roasting until the mixture turns crunchy.

5. Turn off the flame and place the mixture in a bowl.

6. Now, Add 200gms of white compound chocolate in a bowl

7. Heat half of the white chocolate for 30 seconds in a microwave. 

8. After 30 seconds, check if the chocolate is adequately melted or needs some more time to melt.

8. Now, melt the remaining white compound chocolate in a microwave for a few seconds.

9. Place the melted white chocolate in a bowl.

10. Add the mixture of almonds, pistachios and watermelon seeds.

11. Add some dried rose petals.

12. Now add a few drops of pink food colour in the chocolate and stir it well.

13. Add a few drops of rose essence and stir it.

14. Place a chocolate mould.

15. Add some dried rose petals to the mould.

16. Pour the white chocolate into the mould.

17. Again, Add some rose petals to it.

18. Place it in the freezer overnight.

It’s ready to serve. You can store it well in chocolate paper and can consume it for 10-15 days.