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Day 99 of Modi Sarkar

Of late, India has been making some great strides in its relations with Japan. The Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, is presently on a visit that is expected to last a couple of days more. The countries have tended to be allies ever since the Second World War and now efforts are afoot to revive the age-old ties, especially on the part of the Indian Government. On the first day of September, 2014 both the [...]

Saree Culture In India

Indian women are said to be the symbol of grace and reticence. The innate elegance that they possess is not only reflected in the way they lead their life but also the way they dress. For the Western world, the image of an Indian woman is that of a lady gracefully clad in a saree with a bindi on the forehead! It’s truly feminine. It has been the symbol of Indian culture from time immemorial. [...]

Amongst the new cars coming to India this year, are two major models from the world’s biggest game players and they’re sure to send shock waves through the playground already teeming with contestants. Late 2014 will see the launch of two brilliant new SUVs – the Mercedes Benz GLA Class, and the Jeep Wrangler. Benz’s baby is definitely some grim news for all the compact SUVs already making their mark in the elite Indian buyer’s [...]

Rising Trend Of Divorce In India

Divorce, a subject which was once a social stigma, has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is seen that married couples are walking away from their marriages for varied reasons. Earlier, there were very few cases of divorce and the main causes were adultery and domestic violence. In most cases, the women continued with their broken marriage for the sake of fear, kids and money. But, nowadays, women do not hesitate to call off [...]

Modi’s ‘Digital India’ Plan Faces Real World Challenges

Narendra Modi has initiated his Digital India project to connect India digitally with a planned allocation of Rs one lakh crore. The plan is to establish a digital platform to digitally connect and deliver government programs and services to individuals across India, thereby harnessing the power of information technology. The project also plans to connect all villages through high speed internet by 2019. The plan is ambitious to say the least, though it is not [...]

Day 98 of Modi Sarkar

Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan, is one of the leaders who happen to enjoy a special rapport with Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister. Modi is presently in Japan in order to talk on various issues that are of importance to both the countries. Before landing in Tokyo he visited a couple of old Buddhist temples and was accompanied on these visits by the Japanese PM on these visits. India trying to complete nuclear [...]

Alloy Wheels For Cars

The most important reason for the popularity and demand of aluminum wheel rims has been their low weight. But today some of them weigh more than steel rims, specially if they are wider and of a larger diameter. Although weight saving should have been the primary idea till date – since it is important to have a lesser load being moved on road by the engine’s effort, and a lower unsprung mass ensures better longevity [...]

Z plus security

The news of BJP MLA Sangeet Som (Muzaffarnagar riots accused) being accorded Z-plus security took me by surprise. As I rolled my eyes over the entire news report, it occurred that the Union Home Minister was convinced that Som faced serious threats. The news sparked a curiosity to know who all are eligible for state protection and what determines their eligibility. Under Z-plus security, an individual gets round-the-clock protection from 28 National Security Guard commandos, [...]

Day 97 of Modi Sarkar

  Indian economy starts looking up, says FM The Indian economy is looking up, the Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley, told a press conference in the capital. The latest data reveals that the country’s economy has registered a 5.7% growth in the first quarter (April to June). This has been the fastest rate of growth in over two years. The FM assured, “With the long-term impact of all the initiatives we have taken, I am sure, [...]

Can We Link GDP With Gross National Happiness

India ranks 111 in the global happiness ranking list for the year 2013 as per the United Nations General Assembly’s second annual World Happiness Report. What is strange is that India ranks much after Pakistan (81 rank) and Bangladesh (108 rank). So for all those who feel that you are happy living in India, this news will definitely make you feel unhappy. The World Happiness Report is a measure of happiness taken on the basis [...]