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The NEERI, or the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, has been assigned the duty of studying and analyzing the sediment of river Ganga besides assessing the quality of its water. The river covers a distance of 260 km from Gangasagar to Gangotri, and the NEERI will undertake the study along the stretch. This process will be going on for a period of 15 months following which a report will be submitted to the Ministry of [...]

November 20, 2014

How would you feel if you lose the love of your life unexpectedly? What would you do if you lose your only hope of life? Anyone who has lost his/her love due to explained or unexpected reasons knows the pain of it all – the shattered pieces of life that are hard to put together again is the worst feeling. It Had To Be You is a book that involves its reader into the protagonist’s [...]

Dariba Kalan

The richness and expanse of the Indian history lies shrouded in the narrow lanes of Old Delhi where the Mughal city of Shahjahanabad was situated. The entire area seems to be corroborating the heritage of the past. Under the veil of modernization is hidden a number of places which trace their history back to the medieval period. One such patrimony is the street of Dariba Kalan! Revered as the “street of incomparable pearl”, Dariba Kalan [...]

Haji Ali Juice Centre

  Haji Ali Juice Centre is one of the most renowned juice centres in Mumbai ( a bit expensive!).This place has variety of juices which you cannot find easily at any other destination. For example, I have never tried custard apple with cream but it was a sheer delight to experience this at Haji Ali Juice Centre.  You have to shed Rs 350 for a bowl but believe me that it is worth spending. Vada Pav. [...]

Back in the 1980s and the 90s, education never pinched the pockets. Most of the time, parents never considered it a part of monthly expenditure, except when they had to pay a bulk amount during the beginning of a session or purchase uniform. However, the case is no longer the same now. Over the years, the schools have grown, the facilities have increased and so have the fee structure. Today, students’ education is serious business [...]

World Toilet Day

Today is World Toilet Day. In 2001, on November 19, World Toilet Organization, an NGO, was formed with a view to improving toilet and sanitation conditions all over the world. Since then, this day is observed as world toilet day by the 53 member-countries of this organisation and by international and civil society bodies all across the globe. However, it was only last year, in 2013, that the day was formally recognised by the United [...]


Kanheri caves are the best kept secret of the metropolis of Mumbai. I found it very surprising that many people (including the Mumbaikars) have not heard about, or bothered to visit these caves. Kanheri caves are inside the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, which itself is bang in the middle of the crowded, noisy and sprawling suburb of Mumbai — Borivali. Sanjay Gandhi National Park is a welcome breathing space nestled between the eastern and the western suburbs [...]

Ebola Virus Outbreak

One of the world’s extremely severe diseases with near fatal effects, according to WHO, is the Ebola. Its current outbreak is the worst ever. In most cases, the infected people die. It was in the year 1976, this deadly virus was first detected in Nzara, Sudan, and in Yambuku, Democratic Republic of Congo. So far it is mainly confined to the tropical regions of Sub-Saharan Africa, with very few instances in other countries. The ongoing Ebola [...]

The SpiceJet Ltd, India’s second largest low-cost airline, seems to be in dire straits. The airline posted a loss of about INR 310.4 crore in the July-September 2014 quarter, its fifth consecutive quarterly loss. Though 45 percent less than the loss reported in the previous quarter (about INR 559.49 crore), this news comes as a major disappointment to shareholders given that the fuel costs were significantly lower this year. The slump in Brent Crude prices [...]

Although steeped in poverty, the reported ‘damage’, ‘loss’ and ‘wastage’ of foodgrains in India is quite massive. It is an issue that needs to be looked into urgently especially as the population is rising alarmingly and the people don’t have enough food even though currently we produce enough. By 2025, India is on the way to becoming the most populous country in the world. There is no doubt that appropriate measures should be planned and [...]