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Will Mayawati be the next UP CM

Uttar Pradesh is home to a population of about 200 million people, greater than many countries including Pakistan, Australia and the United Kingdom. It is quite a well-known belief in India that the Chief Minister of UP is second in political stature only to the country’s Prime Minister. It comes as no surprise that the upcoming assembly elections of the state (2017) will be a heated affair. The three main parties to watch out for [...]

Should celebrities be more responsible when they endorse products?

It is common to see celebrities endorse products without having ever used them or even without knowing about them. Pierce Brosnan, globally known as James Bond, “007″, from some of the most loved films in the British series of spy films based on the fictitious character of MI6 agent by the same name, has become the latest addition to the beleaguered league with his ‘classy’ endorsement for “Pan Bahar” – Pan Masala. He has expressed [...]

Fear of bird flu spreading beyond the delhi zoo

Avian flu, also known as bird flu, is both dangerous and contagious for humans. The H5N1 influenza virus can spread quickly to humans on contact and can be fatal. However, each time there has been an outbreak of the avian flu in India, no case of human infection has been reported till date. Will we be lucky this time as well? And, is there a chance of the current suspected cases of bird flu reported [...]

Rajasthani, Bhojpuri Languages to get Official Status

India is a unique medley of various cultures, religions, languages, geographical features and art forms. To us Indians, such diversity is the source of immense national pride. In this light, there is some more good news. Rajasthani and Bhojpuri are all set to join the list of official languages of the country. There are currently 22 languages listed in the Eighth Schedule to the Constitution of India. These languages are the official languages and find [...]

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

Kerala, better known as ‘God’s own country’, holds a special place in the traveller’s map of India. Its unique geographical attributes make it the first choice for any nature lover. There is an alluring charm about Kerala and its clear blue skies, exotic backwaters, lush tea and spice plantations, thick foliage and a long coastline. Well connected to all the major cities in India, it offers an array of opportunities for travellers to explore. Ecotourism [...]

Children of conflict: What drives the stone pelters in Kashmir

The advantage with children is that they can be moulded in any way as the family or society would like them to be. This can be both a virtue and a curse. The latter, when the family and state together fail the child and that is the first foundation of a failed society, and ultimately, the nation. Kashmir has witnessed militancy since 1948 in one form or another. What used to be the odd stone [...]

Class 10 Board Exams Likely to Return from 2018

In yet another move that will impact lakhs of Class X students, the Central government, on advice from various states, is likely to make the Class X Board examination system mandatory for all students which was made ‘optional’ six years back. This will come into effect from 2018. The HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar in his first major policy announcement after taking over office is likely to announce this on 25 October, post the Central Advisory Board [...]

31st October Movie Review and Rating

Release Date:  21 October, 2016 Directed by: Shivaji Lotan Patil Produced by: Harry Sachdeva Starring: Soha Ali Khan, Vir Das, Vineet Sharma, Deepraj Rana, Lakha Lakhwinder Singh, Pritam Kagne, Nagesh Bhonsle Cinematography: Ramani Ranjan Das Music Label: Zee Music Company Duration: 1 hour 49 minutes Genre: History, Drama About 31st October The assassination of PM Indira Gandhi in October 1984 by her Sikh bodyguard was the opening of one of the darkest chapters of post-independence [...]

Should cultural isolation follow economic and diplomatic isolation?

For years now, veiled attacks and state-sponsored terrorism have been the calling cards of our western neighbour. Our nation and its valiant armed forces have been bleeding and bleeding slowly through the northern and western frontiers. But we should be content as long as we get a regular fix of gyrating Pakistani artistes in glitzy Bollywood events and crooning Pakistani singers in candlelight ghazal mehfils. Despite everything, holding cultural exchanges is imperative, irrespective of the [...]

Over 30 Lakh Debit Cards Under Threat

If you hold a Debit Card then there is a very good chance that your card security has been compromised. You may not have been hit by the security breach as yet, but once your information has been accessed by an unauthorized person or agency, you stand at risk of being exploited at any time. Here’s what recently happened Between May and July this year, some ATMs were detected to be infected with malware and [...]