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Except from the initial counting trends it was clear that the stronghold of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) enjoyed by the party in Lok Sabha elections in May, was fading. After counting it became obvious that results of by-polls are far different from the results of Lok Sabha elections. Party’s performances in prime states viz UP, Rajasthan and Gujarat was far below the expectations, the same states where BJP had clean victory in Lok Sabha [...]

150cc Suzuki Gixxer

The Indian market has posed a great challenge to motorcycle manufacturers of every origin. We have seen numerous models come and go, whereas a few have maintained their strong hold and only some of them have been tagged as best sellers. Some of the toughest times have been faced by Japanese manufacturer Suzuki. With the GS150R, their recent 150cc segment motorcycle, Suzuki had expected bigger numbers in terms of sales and popularity than what it [...]

September 16, 2014
Chana Usli

As a food lover, I always look out for recipes for a healthy and filling breakfast. One such recipe I came across and I’m sharing with you is Chana Usli. This dish comes to you from the State of Karnataka, and would suit the palate of all Indians. It can be made quickly and is low in bad calories, while it tastes really good. I garnished it with ground coconut and some dhania leaves for a nice [...]

Women Are Affected By Water Crisis

The water crisis in India is actually a woman’s issue. The problem of water shortage is not only related to the fact that there is more demand and less supply of water but also related to some of the major women’s issues like women’s rights, development, education, health, sanitation and preventable deaths. There is no doubt about the fact that India is facing a severe water shortage problem. Data released by the National Sample Survey [...]

Before any product is approved for mass production – shoes, watches, cars the list is endless – a one-off prototype is created to understand and finalize all the visual cues and dimensions of the its design. 3D printing, also called additive manufacturing is the process involved in creating three dimensional solid objects from their digital models designed on various 3D modeling softwares. In a typical process of additive manufacturing, an object is created by laying [...]

Green Belt Development

Conservation and protection of the environment is every citizen’s duty, environment being an inseparable part of society, culture and heritage. According to the Indian Constitution, it is the duty of the State and the people to ‘safeguard and improve the environment and to protect the forests and wildlife of the country’. Following lots of sponsored discussions, accusations of politician-industry nexus and a series of doubtful enactments over the years, now a four-member committee was constituted [...]

India, the global leader in information technology enabled services (ITES ) has emerged as a most prominent developing nation in the world. Different factors are responsible for its success. The Information System (IS) and International Business (IB) literature which provide us adequate information about the past success do not explain us about its sustainability in the long run. India has emerged as the world’s largest sourcing destination in the IT services in the world. It [...]

Five Places For Family Vacations In India

Planning a family vacation is a bigger task than planning a solo trip. A lot many things need to be kept in mind while choosing the right kind of destination according to each and every member of the family. Bigger the family, wider the choices! Family holidays play a major role in maintaining family ties in this super-hectic city life. A vacation is the time when you can give all your attention and love to [...]

India’s Coaching Team Heading Into World Cup 2015

Following the resignation of Gary Kirsten and termination of Eric Simones after the triumphant World Cup 2011 campaign, Duncan Fletcher was appointed as the man to oversee India’s cricketing progress. At that time the team was on the cusp of something great – the team had won the World Cup and some youngsters like Raina and Kohli were making their presence felt with consistent contributions and there were people like Rohit Sharma on the horizon. [...]

Food is good, decor is great

Why do people go to eat at a restaurant? More often than not because they are celebrating or marking an occasion, right?  Yes, this is where lies the connect between name of the restaurant I visited last week and food business. 21 Gun Salute has been woven around the theme of according respect to your presence at their property. They are not exhausting their ammunition but for sure, they are displaying their arms to mark your occasion.  [...]