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With the countless options on motorcycles and cars available in our country and all of them eventually becoming common on the road, there’s been a constant need for individuality. There is absolutely no limit to the kind of visual and performance changes and modifications that can be done to a stock car or motorcycle. It is only a matter of what drives us more – bikes or cars, or both in some cases. Starting with [...]

Day 58 of Modi Sarkar

Jaitley professes to stay strong on border issue Ever since the new government came to power there have been 19 instances when the ceasefire has been violated from the Pakistan side of the international border. Arun Jaitley, the union defence minister, believes in all those instances India has replied in a justifiable way. While speaking on the issue at the Rajya Sabha, Jaitley noted that so far in 2014 there have been 56 instances of [...]

Delhi Budget 2014 - 15 Highlights

Under President’s rule, Delhi budget for 2014-15 was presented by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on July 18, almost 8 days after General Budget was submitted before the Parliament. In one glance, it is enough to tell one that it has been prepared keeping in mind fast changing political developments in the national capital. Given this, in the Delhi budget of Rs 36766 crore, no new taxes were proposed. Also, whopping Rs 19066 crore was proposed [...]

Day 57 of Modi Sarkar

Indian fishing boats to be released by Pakistan Upon becoming the prime minister, Narendra Modi had stated that one of his major aims will be to improve the relations between India and Pakistan. To this end he invited Nawaz Sharif, his Pakistani counterpart to his swearing-in ceremony and the Pakistani prime minister was also gracious enough to accept the invitation. As a sign of improving relations between the two countries, Pakistan freed 150 fishermen belonging [...]

Audio System of Cars

Rolling in your ride and listening to your favourite music no matter where you’re driving to, has a timeless charm. Anyone and everyone who has ever gripped a steering wheel and driven with music on, will understand and agree to having experienced this sensation in some or the other way. The exponential improvement and upgrades in the way we move, has also impacted the “way we groove” when we’re moving. Our car stereos have come a hell of [...]

July 21, 2014
Chicken Kabuli Pulao

Pulao is best suited for any occasion, and specially for festivals or celebrations. It is a rice preparation made with many different additions, here I show you how to make Chicken Kabuli Pulao, a perfect dish for the Ramazan month. The pulao comes out nicely and goes well with vegetable raita. You can also look to decorate your pulao with some almonds or pistachios for a special look & feel as I’ve seen some people [...]

Day 56 of Modi Sarkar

In this era of changes to the existing administrative line-up, especially with the sacking and appointment of new governors, Narendra Modi has added a member to his team. Sanjeev Kumar Singla, who has previously served as an IFS or Indian Foreign Service officer, has now become the private secretary of Modi. The previous private secretary was Vikram Misri. The deposed private secretary had worked with Manmohan Singh as well as Narendra Modi in the first [...]

Population Rise in Delhi

One of the apt descriptions of Delhi that I have heard lately is this: “The city is stretched beyond its means.” So it is. A UN report has very recently fanned the city’s population concern, which is perhaps eating into the socio-ecological balance of the capital city. It has come to pass that Delhi is world’s second most populous city in 2014. It has already doubled its population since 1990 and the city is tipped [...]

Advancement in technology

Car manufacturers all across have been after a certain technology which bring a mega change in both city and highway driving conditions by enabling their cars to communicate with every object around them. Ford and a few other likes are already in the testing phase of a certain technology called Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication that allows cars to send wireless signals back and forth between each other, sharing information on their location speed and direction. This information [...]

India - Rape capital of World ?

Sometimes I feel that God has also done injustice to women by making her physically weaker than her male counterpart. If he had given 10 times more physical strength to her then the problem of rape would have never existed. But alas this cannot happen, so we have to fight against the problem of rape and such people. It was never out of news but the recent rape of six years old child in her [...]