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October 31, 2014
Super Nani

Release Date: 31st October 2014 Starring: Rekha, Randhir Kapoor, Sharman Joshi, Shweta Kumar Directed by: Indra Kumar Music: Harshit Saxena and Sanjeev Darshan Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes The glitz and glam of showbiz often becomes an addiction for those who have been an important part of this business for a long period of time. The greed of fame the keeps the stars in awe of the industry and urges them to come back to [...]

According to a recent report by UNICEF, more than half of India’s population defecates in the open, and the situation is worse in the acutely impoverished rural areas. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched Swachch Bharat Abhiyan on October 2, 2014 with the aim of making India open defecation free (ODF) by 2019. The objective is to provide every village and every person in India, toilet and sanitation facilities, including solid and liquid waste disposal systems, [...]

India which has postponed the much talked about “grand” India-Africa summit to be held in the first week of December, may now organise it in February-March next year. Lack of sufficient quarantine facility to isolate high-risk travellers from the Ebola-hit Africa has been cited by officials as the key reason for the postponement of the India-Africa summit. But that doesn’t mean the government under Narendra Modi has lowered its priority for the continent. Rather it [...]

Judicial System of India

One of the oldest legal systems in the world today is the Indian judicial system and it still incorporates certain features inherited from the British judicial system during their centuries of colonial rule is India. The Indian Constitution, which is the supreme law of the country, provides the framework of the present legal and judicial system of the country. India’s judicial system follows a “common law system” along with the regulatory law and the statutory [...]

Crime Investigation Techniques to be revamped

The incidence of crime in India is increasing alarmingly with a disastrous spatial distribution of population due to mismanagement and an overwhelmingly ubiquitous new technology. The profile of the criminal has undergone a sea change from the earlier stereotypes, requiring a new paradigm to comprehend and manage the emerging scenario. Today’s criminal could well be your suave, smooth talking colleague or neighbour, someone who is relatively well off and well educated. The criminal mind is [...]

The government has instituted a team named Ganga Vahini that has been provided the responsibility of protecting the ghats of River Ganga across the entire area that is covered by the river. This is among the various measures that have been announced by the Indian Government in this regard. The government is also looking to train the spotlight on the drains that have been one of the major sources of pollution of River Ganga. There [...]


SMAC, a new wave in IT, is a combination of four different systems of Social Media, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud, integrated with each other. It has actually brought about a revolution in the world of computing, the way users can gather information, and can work on them. SMAC represents a huge business opportunity globally which is seen as the growth engine in the corporate world. It is an emerging technology to develop products, customer interaction [...]

October 30, 2014
Chicken Rezala

Bengal has given us many a food dishes, which are so yummy and tasteful. Today let’s see one such non-vegetarian curry dish in Chicken Rezala. This curried chicken goes well with most Indian breads or rice. However, I would suggest serving it with some roomali roti. A slightly thick gravy made with poppy seeds, curd and cashew nuts gives a perfect pairing to the well cooked chicken. This is truly an authentic Bengali dish as [...]


Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana is the flagship financial inclusion plan of the NDA Government. The Finance Ministry rolled out this scheme to enable each household in the country to have access to at least one bank account. All Indian citizens can now avail of a bank account despite the lack of KYC documentation. These bank accounts are valid for a year within which account holders must furnish proof of having applied for valid documents [...]

Mamata Banerjee, Bengal Needs Change

2011 saw Mamata Banerjee riding to power, vanquishing the Left Front, on the ‘Ma, Mati, Manush’ slogan and promising ‘Poribortan’ or ‘change’, in West Bengal. At the time of her victory, there was real hope for the common man and optimism amongst the ‘Bhadralok’ of Kolkata, that Bengal was finally poised for revival, the kind of which they had been dreaming of for a long time. Cut to 2014, and the same ‘Bhadralok’ is now cursing [...]