Indian Traditions Prove Handy in War Against COVID-19

Indian Traditions Prove Handy in War Against COVID-19
Preventive measures against Covid-19
Indian Traditions Prove Handy in War Against COVID-19
Preventive measures against Covid-19

The number of COVID-19 cases in India has reached over 13,387 while the death toll jumped to the mark of 437 as on April 17, 2020, according to the Health Ministry The data is alarming. But even as the whole country is under the grip of the coronavirus fear, the number of cases in India has not seen the kind of spike that is visible in the US and the other European countries. While only medical experts can help the COVID-19 patients and the current lockdown is proving to be a pre-emptive step in preventing the spread of coronavirus in India, some several Indian traditions and cultures help us in boosting our immune system and by way of that, help in the fight against coronavirus.

How to prevent COVID-19 by improving your lifestyle:

Stress on washing hands

Health professionals and organisations have been espousing for frequent washing of hands. When it comes to India, this is already in our tradition. In every Indian family, children are taught to wash their hands before and after meals. This is more so important as primarily Indians still use their hands to have their meals. In different parts of India, there is already a tradition to wash hands before work. But seeing the havoc of COVID-19, make sure to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. Apart from this, frequent face washing and early morning gargles are also a common practice in India, especially in summer. Gargle with salt water is a remedy in case of throat infection, which helps in removing the mucus in the throat.

Apply Namaste in greetings

In Indian tradition, shaking hands was not common, so people used to greet each other through namaste. As of today, due to coronavirus, a handshake has become a medium of transmission. It is better to revive the traditional greeting system of the country. Maintaining personal hygiene is an excellent way to keep deadly COVID-19 at bay.

AYUSH issues guidelines

The Ministry of AYUSH had issued several guidelines for boosting the immune power, particularly for respiratory health. Drinking warm water several times a day, the use of certain spices like turmeric, garlic, cumin, and coriander in cooking are some of the ways to boost the immune system naturally. Another recommendation from AYUSH is to use golden milk (turmeric and milk) and to apply coconut or sesame oil in nostrils.

Chawanprash – an immune booster

AYUSH is advising rinsing of the mouth with coconut or sesame oil. Take chyawanprash, the traditional Indian supplement every morning as it is handy in boosting the immune system of people of all ages.

Apply these old Indian traditions of eating and living in your lifestyle, and follow the lockdown to prevent coronavirus from entering our lives. Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth during this time and make sure when you go out to get your essentials, you wear a mask and if possible gloves too.

Stay safe India.

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