Hauz Khas Village

Hauz Khas Village
Hauz Khas Village
Hauz Khas Village
Hauz Khas Village

A few years back if you had asked someone whether he/she has ever been to Hauz Khas, there would have been a fair chance of them having said a no! Today, the probability of finding such a person has become absolutely zero. Hauz Khas Village, or “HKV” as it is popularly known, is one of the most happening places in Delhi. Young lads and lasses swear by this place for its swanky ambience and highly urbanised ethnology. Hauz Khas market, which was once deemed as the “National Capital of ethnic chic” for its ravishing ensemble of designer stores, has now become the most sought after place for casual hangouts.


Dabbed by a Hauz a plain-jane look, Hauz Khas used to be a historical area known for its tombs and tank with small residential houses in its vicinity. It all began with the opening of its first designer store in the year 1988 when renowned designer Bina Ramani chose this place for her boutique. There has been no going back for HKV since then. Eventually, most of these small old houses converted into the most exclusive designer ensembles.

What it offers

But today, Hauz Khas is not just about the history and the plush attire! The opening up of some of most amazing cafes and dine-outs has transformed this place in to a throbbing hub. With the funkiest vibe of social evenings, it attracts thousands of people every single day. While the days are said to be crowded, the nights tend to be the jammed with party buffs! But Hauz Khas village never lets anybody down! It houses quite a good number of cafes and food joints so as to welcome all of its visitors.

Apart from the very popular hangout zones, Hauz Khaz is the market big designers thrive upon. Ever since Bina Ramani established her pursuit there, Hauz Khas became a rage amongst designers. Today, this market houses a good number of exquisite labels. Renowned designers of the recent years have opened their stores in the Hauz Khas Market, thereby adding glamour and plush to this simple looking market. There are a few shops for handicrafts and home decor as well.

A sudden wave of modernisation has completely taken over this place over the past few years. This is not only visible in the infrastructural developments but also in the lifestyle that Hauz Khas follows. People have become much more open-minded and chillaxed. Don’t be surprised to find stylishly dressed lads gleefully surging a puff of smoke! Most of the cafes here are open till 1 am; therefore, the place feels cheerfully alive even in the wee hours of the night. The best time to visit Hauz Khas Village has to be a weekend!

Location: Hauz Khas Market, South West Delhi District, New Delhi

Nearest Metro Station: Hauz Khas

Opening Hours: 10 am to 1 am

USP: Designer stores and Cafes

Popular Cafes: Social Offline, Mia Bella, Fork You, Moonshine Café, Out of the Box, Bootleggers, Amour, The Pink Room

Popular Labels: O Layla by Ritu Kumar, Aphrodite by Navneet Randhawa and Gulneet Bajaj, White, Purple Jungle