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BMW Pavilion at the Auto Expo 2014

I remember few years back driving back from work, thinking about the rising number of cars on Delhi roads. I had come back from Canada after two years and India to me had changed considerably, at least on the roads. What was even more peculiar was the rise of BMWs and Mercedes on the roads. To the point, that few months since then, Mercedes and Audi showrooms sprang up in the neighborhood and Porsche was [...]


After driving for two hours, all the way to Greater Noida, and walking from one massive pavilion to another, a little entertainment makes it worthwhile. In my search for the Vintage cars hall, I had to cross the area what look like a Mela, sounds of loud music, vrooms and jumbled voices of various announcers. It all started when on the entry they asked for my driving license. “Driving license?” I asked curious about government [...]

DC Tia

Auto Expo has moved places, this time literally over 40 KMs if not more. This time the venue is Greater Noida – Expo grounds. Yes, there are crowds and these all pictures are from business hours, at business hour crowd includes kids in strollers. Let us begin the show with vintage first. This beauty was standing at the Chevy stand, of course it was much admired and loved. This vintage had a young & gleaming [...]