Rise of Luxury Cars in India – Photos from Auto Expo

BMW Pavilion at the Auto Expo 2014

I remember few years back driving back from work, thinking about the rising number of cars on Delhi roads. I had come back from Canada after two years and India to me had changed considerably, at least on the roads. What was even more peculiar was the rise of BMWs and Mercedes on the roads. To the point, that few months since then, Mercedes and Audi showrooms sprang up in the neighborhood and Porsche was rumored to be opening one. The idea of a shining Porsche stuck in a Jam in Delhi, along with countless bikes, auto-rickshaws and other lesser cars was a thought I never imagined.

Fast forward to 2014, visiting the Auto-Expo was an eye-opener. Travelling all the way to the other side of the milky way (Greater Noida) from Delhi, the show was spectacular, with the best in the automobile business showcasing their best blings. Few hours into the show and you won’t find a foothold to stand, crowds lining up at the entrance, snaking through the barricades, all eager to see the next big thing in luxury cars. From BMW to Audi, Mercedes to Jaguar were lined up. For once, the pretty models were looking less appealing.

Find below a series of shots from the Luxury cars pavilion at the Auto Expo. I’m still curious about the rise of luxury cars in India, is it the Indian growth story or something else? I welcome your thoughts, comments below.

Audi A3 2.0 Quattro
Audi Pavilion at the Auto Expo 2014
Audi pavilion in Auto Expo
Audi in Auto Expo
BMW i8
BMW i8
BMW i8
BMW i8
Mercedes AMG
Mercedes AMG
The moment when the pretty model stepped aside for this shot
Jaguar Pavilion in Auto Expo
Jaguar at the Auto Expo 2014
Jaguar Pavilion in Auto Expo 2014
Can’t get better than this
Range Rover
The Mighty Range Rover






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