Outdoor Stunts At The Auto Expo 2014

Outdoor exhibit and Auto Expo 2014, Honda ATV


After driving for two hours, all the way to Greater Noida, and walking from one massive pavilion to another, a little entertainment makes it worthwhile. In my search for the Vintage cars hall, I had to cross the area what look like a Mela, sounds of loud music, vrooms and jumbled voices of various announcers. It all started when on the entry they asked for my driving license. “Driving license?” I asked curious about government level checks to pass through the hoople. On enquiry I learnt I was in a lineup for people who wanted to take part in bike-balancing content going on. You had to have a driving license to get on one of the bikes to participate. Thanks but no thanks, and I walked through to the real entrance.

Honda on the Rocks

Outdoor exhibit at Auto Expo 2014, Honda ATV

Honda had set up a track outside, to demonstrated the power and precision of their ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) What better platform than the Auto Expo to show the real performance of engineering. From the look of it, it was a joy ride on the rocks.

Nozaki Nozaki Nozaki

All the way from Japan

Walking along, one could hear kids chanting ‘Nozaki, Nozaki Nozaki’, the announcers were pretty pumped about the stunts going on around them. Nozaki was the pro-rider, who came all the way from Japan, to play with Yamaha’s two wheeler toys.

Nozaki Spinning The Scooties

He spun around Yamaha’s little scooties and a dirt bike like magic. Not sure if he was a celebrity in Japan (Announcers were giving one-liners about his achievements), but he was a hero for all the kids who lined up to get pictures taken after the stunts. One talented Mr. Nozaki.

Hero’s Wheelies

Mr. Hero in Action

Hero motors had booked a large area, which had a bunch of pro-riders, taking their bikes out for some tough-love. After Hero’s departure from the Hero-Honda merger sometime back, it seemed Hero was out to prove itself. With pro-riders doing wheelies after wheelies, parents were heard whispering to their kids..’Don’t try this at home’

Nissan’s 360 Ride

Nissan’s 360 Ride

Nissan was showcasing its engineering, not with pro-drivers, but with volunteers who would be willing to sit tight inside a Nissan Micra while it is rotated 360 degrees. Quite a challenge of engineering, buckle up and Nissan will rotate your car 360 degrees. It was a brilliant show of technology, the people after the ride looked kind of calm, let’s just say no one threw up.

Art Installation

Art Installation – Auto Expo 2014

Right in front of the halls, was this beautiful art installation. I wonder what would happen to it after the show gets over. Beautiful celebration of automobiles.


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