Five most popular Street Foods of India


Popular Street Foods of India

Owing to the cultural saturnalia that India is a host to, it won’t be wrong to entitle the country as an Epicurean Delight! There aren’t as many days in a year as there are culinary variations in India. Indians are big foodies! Its almost impossible to find an Indian who doesn’t relish eating. There is no dearth of amazing food joints in India, yet it is the small barrow of a street hawker that is found to be the more crowded one. This is the crowd of those stark foodies for whom the street food is the ultimate source of pleasure.

No matter how posh a place you eat from, the way the local street food gratifies the taste buds is absolutely incomparable. The impeccable variety of street food in India is a treasure that never runs out on you. Every state in India has its own specialty, but there are certain delicacies which are popular all over the country. So today, I am going to hand over to you a yummy list of some of the most scrumptious street foods of India-

1. Golgappas

Golgappas can be deemed as the “National Street food of India”! It is by far the most favorite street food of the entire nation. No matter what name you call it by, the national significance of the Golgappas as a street food is simply unbeatable!

2. Samosa

When you are happy, eat a samosa; when you are sad, eat a samosa; when you are hungry, eat a samosa; when you are not hungry, eat a samosa! As funny as it may seem, this is the status of a samosa in India. Any occasion is incomplete without a serving of a samosa!

3. Bhelpuri

It might have originated in Mumbai, but today the whole of India savors the scrummy taste of a Bhelpuri. It is light and considerably easy to make.

4. Kulfi

It enjoys the honor of being denoted as India’s own ice-cream! When the creamy layer of kesari milk traces its way slowly into the mouth, it surely feels like heaven!

5. Pav Bhaji

The wide-spread popularity of this food has even found its place in several other foreign countries. Bhaji is a vegetable dish which is coupled with unflavored bread called Pav! The two of them are as inseparable as two best-friends!

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