Kolkata’s Delicious Street Foods

Kolkata's street food

Kolkata's street foodGood food and Adda ( a place where people gather for conversation) are the two things that Bengalis all over the world cherish the most. When you are in Kolkata, you have to taste the delicious, mouth-watering cuisines. And you can start with a preface – the street foods of Kolkata! The heavenly street foods of this land are something that you cannot afford to miss. Among many things that the city has to offer, the street foods are the most prominent ones.

  • Phuchka (Pani Puri or Golgappa) – This one is to die for. Because of the bursting sound of the deep fried, crispy, small puri or poori (flatbread) in the mouth, it is named as ‘Phuchka’. This crispy round hollow poori is filled with a masala made out of mashed potato, tamarind chutney, chili and chat masala, chopped onion and chickpeas with a dash of salt. Then they are dipped and filled with spicy tamarind water. The taste and flavour of water can be improved by adding Gondhoraj (Aroma King) Lebu, an aromatic lime which belongs to the ‘Rangpur’ lime family. People who do not prefer the blast of chilly in their mouth can opt for sweetened water.
  • Kathi Roll – Wraps, as we call it now, has a long history, and to my sheer surprise, I came to know recently that it started off in Kolkata! It is famous as Kathi Roll, which is a delicious stuffing of egg/chicken/paneer/fish wrapped in paratha. The stuffing is often accompanied with freshly sliced onions, green chilies and green peppers. Each and every city has a customised version of Kathi Rolls. But Kolkata surely as its own taste.
  • Fish/Chicken Cutlet – Now, this is something almost every working individual in Kolkata would love to have while returning home. Cutlets are included into Indian cuisine from Europe. It is deep fried, rectangular chunk of minced fish/chicken added with spicy masala. It is served with spicy and tangy ‘Kasundi (mustard sauce). Along with this, you need a hot ‘Cha’ (tea) in Maati’r Bhaanr (earthen cup)!
  • Alu (Potato) Kabli – One of the favourites for college goers. It’s easy to prepare and mouth-watering. It is a wild mixture of boiled potato cubes, roasted chickpeas (soaked overnight), chopped onions, tomatoes, coriander, tamarind paste, chopped chilies and salt. This hot and spicy street food is a must-have for anyone visiting the place.
  • Steamed Momo (Dimsums) with Soup – This is straight from Tibetan cuisine. Thanks to the overwhelming Chinese population in Kolkata. The freshly made steamed Momos (Veg/Non-Veg) along with the super spicy, red sauce and a bowl full of tasty piping hot soup is a bliss. You will have to wait in a long queue to get one plate but the amazingly low prices will force you to crave for more.
  • Kulfi – It is Kolkata’s own ice cream. It is the most favourite and popular dessert that you can find around the streets of the city in the summer evenings. It is thick, creamy, frozen milk with sticks and served with cashew nuts, pistachio, falooda (boiled vermicelli) and rose syrup.

That’s Kolkata at its best for you!

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