Street Food

Street Food

India may have no dearth of food-joints, yet street food still draws the crowds. When it comes to street food, there’s probably no place more exciting as Delhi. An onslaught on your senses, Delhi is packed full of street vendors fowling at you to buy their foods as they thrust their offerings in front of your eyes when you walk by. For a die-hard foodie – it’s a culinary adventure that will fascinate and inspire you to come back back for more. For others, it’s just a rotten and repulsive sight.

Despite the sudden mushrooming of American fast food joints across Indian metros, bubbling out their monotonous rates of burgers and French fries and coffees, the grassroots level street food and dhabas will always rule the hearts of we Delhi-walas. Stuffing in the street food is the best way to experience the true culinary history of a place. What makes the street food rock? It’s volatality. It can be had fried, south style, grilled to perfectly and brushed with Barbeque  sauce, with a side of dipping sauces or skewered with onions caramelized to perfection on the fire. It has a wide variety of range that no other cuisine can probably offer. From Chaat-Papdi, Golgappas, samosas from the north to Dosa, Idli from the south; from hot dumplings served with steaming hot soup in the east to the Vada-paus in the west, Street food offers you all.

We all would undoubtedly agree to a fact that the Delhi-walas are born foodies. Food is one thing we can empty our pockets on. Street food is often cheap, tasty and in many cases more fastidious than food cooked in restaurants. Anything you can watch in front of you is a safe plunge! Plus there’s no better way to taste the food of the people – the cheap eats enjoyed by locals of all ages and incomes. It is equally tasty at a fraction of restaurants’ prices. Whether it is Evening Time Snacks or Paranthe Wali Gali in Chandni Chowk , Moolchand’s paranthe wala or Chachas Chole Bhature at Kamla Nagar or Rajinder Kebabs near Bheekaji Kama Place, Chuskis at the India Gate, Roshan Di Kulfi at Karol Bagh or even the small dhabas outside IIFT, these outlets weave their own charm through simple yet delightful dishes for us Delhiites. Finding the best street food in Delhi is a journey of discovery, you need to try your hand on everything to discover the best! There is indeed no food as alluring and scrumptious as the Street food and being a Delhiite I can surely vouch for it!

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