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Economics / Business

Level of economic development
Per Capita Income (State-Wise)
Stock Exchanges
Business Hub
Software Parks Map
Export Processing Zones
Textile Centers in India
Industrial Areas
Industrial Areas of Gujarat Map
Industrial Areas of Karnataka Map
Industrial Areas of Kerala
Industrial Areas of Rajasthan
Industrial Areas of Uttar Pradesh
Industrial Areas of West Bengal

Metal Industries Map of India
Aluminium Industry Maps
Major Chemical Industries Map of India
Heavy Engineering Industries Map
Major Manufacturers of Vehicles in India
Car Manufacturers in India
Major Two Wheeler Manufacturers
Fertilizers Plant
Textile & Sugar Industry Map of India
Major Textile Centers Map of India
Silk Map of India
Leather Industry in India
Forest Based Industries
Electricity Generation Map of India
Major Thermal Power Plants in India
Nuclear Power Plants in India
Hydro Power Projects in India
Power Network Map of Orissa
Major Power Plants of Rajasthan
Power Network of West Bengal

Oil and Natural Gas
Map of Refineries in India
Map Showing Product Pipelines in India
Map Showing Gas Pipelines in India
Map Showing Crude Oil Pipelines in India
Map of Sedimentry Basins of India

Map Showing Wind Monitoring Stations in India
Map Showing Wind Resources in India
Map Showing Wind Power Capacity in India
Map Showing Solar Power Projects in India
Map Showing Daily Solar Electric Conversion
Map Showing Geothermal Provinces of India
Agricultural Laborers (Census 1991)
Main Workers (Census, 1991)
Female Main Workers (Census, 1991)
Male Main Workers (Census, 1991)
Workers in Primary Sector, 1991
Workers in Secondary Sector, 1991
Workers in Tertiary Sector, 1991
Map of Telecom Backbone in India
Satellite Earth Stations (DOT)
Satellite Earth Stations (VSNL)
Satellite Earth Stations (STPI)
Pincode Zones in India

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