This is Delhi’s Chandni Chowk…

This is Chandni Chowk of Delhi
In search of brightness - Chandni Chowk


This is Chandni Chowk of Delhi
In search of brightness – Chandni Chowk

This is Delhi’s Chandni Chowk, there is an air about it, there is an aura about it, there is history to it and above all there is life.  This part of this city lives, it has always lived life to fullest. It somehow finds ways to pull itself together, survive invasions and exodus with pain and blood flowing free, but survives.

Some old-timers do say that “that Chandni Chowk was something else, this one has no brightness (chandni) to it, there is only darkness perpetuated by people which is left about this seat of culture and cuisine. They may not be 100% off the mark but they are nowhere  close to being absolutely right. It is about this city, it is always good and this is the  definition of it being good. People come here to connect to the real world, real India, real Delhi. it is believed that everything else is unreal, made-up, maybe a set out of a Bollywood flick, this place is the only real place  which exists. Yes, there are reasons to it – this place has seen more wealth and more death than any other place in India has. It has seen more drama and destiny than the fate of a few hundred cities put together. It has seen more faith and more forgery coexist than the meanings of these words in Oxford dictionary.

This place has seen life, it sees life. Every single day.  When did you last had a brush with life, real life?

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