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Top 10 Cars in India Under 10 Lakh

Looking to buy the best car under INR 10 lakh this festive season? Here’s our list of top 10 cars on Indian roads (in your budget) that you will love – Honda City – The Honda City has been the pride of its owners and the envy of others for a while now. The City’s basic petrol and diesel variants are still the best buy under INR 10 lakh, though the top-end variants may exceed [...]

Driverless car

Gone are the days when you have to manoeuvre your car through congested roads. Very soon, you can sit beside the driver’s seat and relax because the car itself is going to drive you to office. Does this sound too good? Use of ‘autonomous technology’ in automobile will surely add a new chapter in our lives. It will change the way we work, travel and sustain. First Trials in Britain Taking a first step in [...]

Two weeks before the launch of the Ford Mustang, another pony car debuted – one that was claimed to be true-blue muscle. Although the popularity and people’s love and attachment towards the Mustang and others like the Camaro and the Firebird eclipsed the debut pony, it eventually did make a name for itself – one that would live on till cars exist and even after. Called the Plymouth Barracuda and launched in early 1964, the [...]

Over the years, quite a few companies have declared and claimed to have come up with breakthroughs in electric technology along with renders and even working prototypes of electric cars and motorcycles that are supposed to have been the next fastest without gasoline. This year at the August 2014 Concours’ d’E Elangance, Renovo motors, based out of California have introduced a new breed of supercar. The Renovo Coupe’, as it is being called, is based [...]

Buying Used Cars

 There are a number of popular myths and mantras over what cars or bikes prove to be the best ones to buy second hand. For example, there is a belief that all European cars and especially the ones from reputed manufacturers last longer and perform better even though bought second hand. The fact is that the condition and the performance of a used car depends much on its previous owner than its make or model. [...]

After years of manufacturing Willy’s Jeeps and their modified versions, Indian auto manufacturer Mahindra & Mahindra launched their flagship SUV the Scorpio in the year 2002. More than a decade later, the company gears up for the launch of their first major facelift on the otherwise third generation Scorpio. The facelifted Scorpio was earlier expected to have been launched at the 2014 Auto Expo held at Delhi, but was put on hold as the company [...]

The Mini - 5 Door version

For those who have always fretted about the BMW owned iconic British carmaker putting 2 doors less in their cars, there’s some good news. For those who’ve loved the 3-door Minis for the same reason, the exact opposite is in play. The beloved 3-door Mini is going 5-door in order to be able to compete with the likes of the little Mercedes’ and Volkswagens. The 3rd generation Mini comes with a fresh new styling and [...]

FIAT's New Avventura

The rains have left behind muddy roads in and around towns that are hinting at some off terrain fun, giving Fiat the right reason to give everyone a sneak into what’s going to be their next big launch. As tiny crossovers “hatch” into the Indian market, FIAT is coming up with something that is bound to give the likes of Volkswagen Cross Polo and the Toyota Etios Cross along with a few mini SUVs like [...]

India’s fuel efficient cars

The first question a middle class car buyer asks is, “kitna deti hai” (how much does it give), that is, what is the mileage, the kms it gives per litre of fuel. The most important reason for the rise in sales of diesel vehicles in the past few years is the mileage that diesel engines are known to give in comparison to the petrol ones, and this obsession with economy isn’t just limited to middle class [...]

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

On of the most awaited cars of the year, to be launched in the Indian market soon, is Maruti Suzuki’s Ciaz. It is a replacement for Maruti’s SX4, the production for which was ceased in April this year. Having made its debut at the 2014 Auto Expo held at Delhi, the Ciaz is Maruti’s latest offering and is based on the Suzuki Authentics concept which was displayed at the Shanghai motor show last year. It [...]