Why do people in India prefer SUVs? What’s the Craze?

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Why do people in India prefer SUVs

Do you know every fourth car that was sold in India in 2017 was an SUV? The craze for them is evident from the ever spiking sales in the last five years, outpacing even the posh and sleek Sedan. So, what is it that makes this big giant of cars such a hot selling vehicle? We pondered and finally settled on these 5 conclusions.

1.The Swag is Real

SUVs have a presence, no one can deny that. And who doesn’t love to show off a cool car with a real swag? Their strong powerful masculine aura is quite intimidating.
Moreover, these cars have become a status symbol. The kind of rich and powerful vibes these cars exude is simply unparalleled.

2.Comfortable to the Core

One thing is sure when you are taking your family out for a ride in SUV- there would be no fights breaking out in the back for the seat space. Most SUVs have a seating capacity of 7 with ample leg space. Everyone can sit back and relax throughout the trip. In a country like India, where big joint families are common, SUVs always make for a fun trip.
Plus, spacious interiors and the higher placement of the cabin for passengers makes it easier to get in an out. Large interiors provide a lot of space for luggage during the long trips and needless to say you can shop as much you want without worrying about the space for your items at all.

3.The Road Struggle is Not Real Anymore

Car owners are extremely wary of their cars’ safety, even more than their own life. And Indian roads can be the worst nightmares at times. Dilapidated roads, potholes are fatalistic to a car’s belly but thanks to the high ground clearance of SUVs, you don’t have to worry about these, your ride is smooth even on the roughest of the roads. Even after a rainy day, an SUV can take the beating with its strong suspension system on a water puddle inundated road. With SUV, one does not have to worry about the scraping. Its better departing angles and approach always make for a stress-free ride.

4.You Get the Bird’s Eye View

With SUV, you are on another plane. Literally so. The driver’s position is highly perched, which gives him/her an (fair) advantage of having a superior view of the road ahead and the traffic on the sideways. This makes driving a cakewalk. Your sitting higher up also helps you to take more informed decisions while driving, such as overtaking.

5.A Money Saver!

SUVs are bank breakers, no doubt, but they are cost efficient in the long run. Most of their variants run entirely on diesel. And this fuel would always be provided at subsidised rates by the government as farm machinery and tractors work on the diesel. This is right here, a perfect reason why Indians prefer SUVs. It’s a good investment, after all!

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