Forthcoming Electric Vehicles in India

The Indian government has an ambitious plan of replacing all petroleum-driven cars and buses on Indian roads with electric vehicles by 2032. Reports show that there are around 160 million privately-owned motor vehicles. Every year, 21 million new vehicles are sold on an average. However, just 1% of these new vehicles are electrical vehicles.

With government stressing on moving “towards alternative fuel”, they have already started to replace around 500,000-odd petrol/diesel cars. They have already asked Tata Motors to supply 10,000 electric vehicles to kick-start this transformation.

This push for electric vehicles by the government is also popularizing electric cars among the burgeoning middle class of India. In fact, it has become a fad among car owners as it gives them a status in the society. To capitulate on this pent up demand many automobile companies have started designing and manufacturing these vehicles. Some of them are Mahindra, Audi, Nissan, KIA, and Hyundai.

Now, let’s check the forthcoming electric and hybrid vehicles in 2019:

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Forthcoming Electric Vehicles in India
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