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Editable Maps

MyCustom Map

The interactive map tool allows you to label, illustrate, fill colors, modify, and print the map as per your choice. Just fill in the data as per your mapping needs and get a personalized map. MyCustom Map‘s inbuilt tools such as lines, icons, shapes, and paint basket make it a strong communicative medium.

Salient Features
  • Identify and plot locations.
  • Differentiate zones with varied colors from the palette.
  • Edit and modify content and illustrations
  • Use text, shape and placemark tools
  • Choose to show or hide layers and grids .
  • Printable in black & white or vivid colors.
  • A handy tool for publications, advertising agencies, websites, print media, and office presentations.

    Note : The software requires Flash Player Version 8 or higher to run smoothly.

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Make Your Own Map

Silver Account   Rs. 3500                
Gold Account     Rs. 21,000            

*Silver Account=For a month                                                  
*Gold Account=For a year                                                       

The Map is getting Updated. You can send your request to

Why Subscribe

  • 31 Customizable Maps
    • 1 India Map
    • Delhi map
    • 29 State maps with district boundaries and headuquarters
      (Please click here for the list of maps)
  • Value for Money: A repository of Maps of India and all its states at a subscription fee of only INR 3,500 for a month and INR 21,000 for a year. These maps may be edited anywhere, any number of times without the aid of expensive image editing software.
  • Useful Inbuilt Tools allow you to customize maps as per your specifications. You can label, illustrate, paint, switch on or switch off layers, erase, modify and edit maps for presentations, project reports etc..
  • Save & Print: The map can be saved effortlessly in your system and the print outs in black n white or color are available easily with a single click of a mouse
  • Instant Delivery: You can create the maps on your own instantly and save them , thus avoiding the usual process of 'order and delivery' from the vendor companies.
  • Ever-Growing Repository: An ever-growing number of editable maps make the tool indispensable for all.
  • Invoicing Facility: We can mail you the invoice for MyCustom Map, on request.
We look forward to your queries and feedback regarding our products and services. You may submit them here.

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Last Updated on 07/25/2013



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