Rajkot Schools

Rajkot Schools are an integral part of the education system of Rajkot as it forms the very base of a child's educational life.
There are a number of Rajkot Schools and most of them educate the students from class 1 to class 12. Therefore it is the Rajkot schools that prepare the students of Rajkot for their Secondary and Higher Secondary education. Like the other cities of Gujarat, Rajkot schools also follow a curriculum and exam schedule prescribed by the GSHEB, that is, Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board.

It is this state owned Board of Education that regulates the different happenings and education procedures at the Rajkot schools. There are a number of Rajkot schools and many of them are a pride of Gujarat, these include:
  • R. H. Kotak Girl High School
  • Saint Mary's school
  • Jyoti vidyalaya
  • R. H. Kotak Girl high school
  • S. N. Kansagera school
  • Field Marshal high school
  • K.G. Bhalodia school
  • Gondal High school
  • Anil gyan mandir
  • Central school
  • Adarsh bal niketan
  • I. P. Mission Girls High school
  • Jivan Jyot primary school
  • Alfred High school
  • S. V. Patel High school
  • G. T. Sheth English medium school
  • S. N. Kansagera school
  • A .S. Chaudhary high school
  • S. V. Patel high school
  • Ankur vidyalaya
  • Buniyad Primary school
  • Murlidhar high school
  • Jawahar vidyalaya
  • Kanta Stree vikas grah primary school
  • Mani Mandir primary school
  • Jawahar Shisu vihar secondory school
  • Prakash high school
  • Rashiklal Sheth boy's high school
  • Bal kishor vidyalaya
  • Rashiklal Sheth boy's high school
  • Mani Mandir primary school
  • Sahyog education charitable trust
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