Scenic Beauty of Dalhousie

The scenic beauty of Dalhousie, an idyllic little hill station in the state of Himachal Pradesh, cannot be said in mere words. The hill resort is one of the much coveted tourist destinations in the Indian subcontinent that is a rage with the Indian as well as foreign sightseers.

The hill resort is perched on the western fringes of the Dhauladhar range and has a bracing and congenial weather that makes a stay in this paradisiacal town all the more pleasant. The resort was christened after Lord Dalhousie owing to the fact that it gained tremendous popularity as a potential tourist getaway during his tenure.

The picturesque valley is drained by the Ravi and Chenab (Chandrabhanga) rivers and presents a stunning spectacle. The panoramic rhapsodies of the rolling valleys and green carpeted meadows adorned by the colorful blooms of orchids and rhododendrons as well as stately pine and fir groves presents a breathtaking sight that enraptures tourists. Sparkling sylvan water bodies and lakes that shimmer like a mirage of quicksilver under the playful saffron sunbeams dot the landscape of Dalhousie.

The tranquil nights when the star studded sky whitewashed by the pale moonlight protectively envelopes the sleepy little town is a truly memorable occasion that remains etched in the minds of the tourists throughout their lifetime. The viewpoints located strategically amidst the hills offer a bird's eye view of the panoramic vistas. Tourists can also watch the mesmerizing view of the sun setting at dusk and the river waters rapidly changing from the gold-amber haze to a shimmering aquamarine from the viewpoints.

Last Updated on 9/13/2011