Insight Kota

The education city - Kota is blessed with several well known educational Institutes and Universities. However there are few institutes that offer excellent training and grooming courses to help the students pass the IIT entrance and other Joint Entrance Emanations. The Insight, Kota will definitely come among these top grade training institutes.

The main aspects, which the Insight, Kota stresses on are:

  • Best possible faculty
  • Up-to date study materials
  • Excellent academic programs
  • Regular tests
  • Regular attendance of the students
  • Limited seats of fifty people only to chalk out the cream
The Insight training institute of Kota offers thirteen different courses for students preparing for different levels of entrance examinations. The names of them are given below:
  • Ingenious or Foundation course
  • Incredible for freshers
  • Industrious for repeaters
  • The Marathon Course
  • AITS All India Test Series
  • Mock IIT-JEE
  • Nurture Ninth Correspondence
  • Nurture Tenth Correspondence
  • The Grand Marathon Course
  • Nurture Program Seventh
  • Nurture Program Eighth
  • Nurture Program Ninth
  • Nurture Program Tenth
One of the exceptional facilities provided by the Insight of Kota, Rajasthan is its Student Care Department. The department looks after the overall well being of each student with utmost care. Some of the important functions that the Student Care Department carries out are:
  • Providing medical attention to the students
  • Providing individual counseling
  • To check on their attendance
  • To check on their progress
  • To keep vigil on other activities of the students
The wonderful institute is headed by the directors Mr. Shishir Mittal and Mr. Upvan Mittal.

Last Updated on : March 10, 2016

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