Gangtok City

Gangtok City is the capital of the Indian state of Sikkim. Gangtok is a beautiful city nestled among the Himalayan ranges and is a premier tourist spot in North-Eastern India.

At an elevation of 5,480 feet above sea level Gangtok city experiences a temperate climate throughout the year.

Gangtok city also functions as the administrative epicenter of East Sikkim district.

Gangtok city overlooks the Ranikhola river-which meanders in the valley below the city. The roads of Gangtok city are steep as they are cut from the side of the mountain.

The buildings of the town is constructed on artificially compacted ground alongside the roads. The snow clad Kanchenjunga mountain can be seen from the east of Gangtok city.

The main localities of Gangtok city are:

  • Mahatma Gandhi Road: Mahatma Gandhi Road is the commercial hub of Gangtok city. It is filled with consumer goods to sell for locals and tourists alike. One of the prime attractions of this road is bronze and silver jewelry.

  • Lal Bazaar: Lal Bazaar is the market where local farmers congregate to sell their produce. Lal Bazaar is popular for dried fish, yak's cheese and yeast- for producing local alcohol.

  • Palzor Stadium Road: Palzor Stadium Road or P.S Road as the road is popularly known enables communication with the Gangtok city suburbs to the main town . The road culminates on reaching the Sikkim National Transport (S.N.T) Bus depot.

    Taxis are the main mode of public transport within Gangtok city and its vicinity. Gangtok city is the only state capital to have a cable car.

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    Last Updated on 28 September 2012