Cities to Viisit in Nagaland

Places to Visit in Kohima

Places to See in Kohima

Rich in natural beauty, history and culture, there are many places of tourist interest in Kohima. Here are a few of them.

Kohima Museum

This museum gives visitors an insight into the tribal culture of Nagaland, focusing on the diverse tribal culture in the state. The Kohima Museum houses tribal artifacts and other colourful motifs of tribal life in the state.

Japfu Peak

Standing at a height of 3048 meters above sea level, Japfu peak is the second highest peak in Nagaland and is popular with trekking enthusiasts. Located 15 km south of Kohima, the view from the top of this peak is absolutely gorgeous.

Kohima Zoo

The Kohima Zoo is home to the state bird (Tragopan) and the state animal (wild buffalo, also known as Mithun). The zoo is located on a hill and the sloping portion of the hill is used to create a free and natural place to house the zoo animals.

The Naga Bazaar

The Naga Bazaar is one of the most popular places in Kohima and is popular for trading live stock. Visiting this market will give you a chance to interact with the locals and understand Naga culture better. You can also purchase interesting tribal handicrafts from here as well.

War Cemetary

This beautifully maintained cemetery contains 1400 graves of British, Commonwealth and Indian soldiers who laid down their lives fighting the Japanese during World War II. Entry to war cemetery is free of cost. It also offers a free car parking space along with amenities for the disabled.

Dzukou Valley

It is also known as 'the valley of eternal charm'. It is a beautiful valley with rolling green hills and seamlessly flowing little streams of water. It is famous as a trekking spot, 30 kms from Kohima.

Dzulekie stream

This stream lies 40 km west of Kohima. It rises at 2133.6 meters above sea level and is surrounded with evergreen sub-tropical forests. It is famous for making a rare species of rainbow trout. A person looking at it gets an illusion that it is flowing underground as it makes way through deep gorges.

Barra Basti or Kohima Village

According to Naga Legend Barra Basti is a historically important place for the capital city of Kohima as it is believed to be the place of origin for it. It is claimed to be the second biggest village in Asia with fine ceremonial gates. This village is also known for its wooden carvings.

Last Updated on : 19/09/2013