World Elevation Map

World Elevation Map

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World Elevation Map
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*The World Elevation Map with current country boundaries.

Disclaimer: All efforts have been made to make this image accurate. However Compare Infobase Limited and its directors do not own any responsibility for the correctness or authenticity of the same.

WORLDMt. Everest, Tibet-Nepal, 29,035 ft. (8,850 m)1Dead Sea, Israel-Jordan, 1,349 ft. below sea level (-411 m)
AFRICAMt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, 19,340 ft. (5,895 m)Lake Assal, Djibouti, 512 ft. below sea level (-156 m)
ANTARCTICAVinson Massif, Ellsworth Mts., 16,066 ft. (4,897 m)Lowest land point hidden within Bentley Subglacial Trench2
ASIA (includes the Middle East)Mt. Everest, Tibet-Nepal, 29,035 ft. (8,850 m)Dead Sea, Israel-Jordan, 1,349 ft. below sea level (-411 m)
AUSTRALIA (includes Oceania)Mt. Kosciusko, Australia, 7,310 ft. (2,228 m)Lake Eyre, Australia, 52 ft. below sea level (-12 m)
EUROPE (the Ural Mountains in Russia form the boundary between Europe and Asia)Mt. Elbrus, Russia/Georgia, 18,510 ft. (5,642 m)Caspian Sea, Russia/Kazakhstan 92 ft. below sea level (-28 m)
NORTH AMERICA (includes Central America and the Caribbean)Mt. McKinley, Alaska, 20,320 ft. (6,194 m)Death Valley, Calif., 282 ft. below sea level (-86 m)
SOUTH AMERICAMt. Aconcagua, Argentina, 22,834 ft. (6,960 m)Valdes Peninsula, Argentina 131 ft. below sea level (-40 m)

Last Updated on : 30/05/2013




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