Honeymoon in Andaman & Nicobar

Andaman Nicobar Islands, composed of nearly 572 islands and islets, are located in Bay Of Bengal. Among 572 islands, only 38 are inhabited.

Being a part of India, the archipelago is a famous tourist destination in the world. Detached from modernity, some of the areas in these islands are still inhabited by tribal groups.

If you are planning your next trip to India, Andaman Nicobar islands are ideal if you are looking for a pleasure holiday in a secluded place. Honeymoon in Andaman Nicobar Islands deserve a special mention.

Be it the serene and peaceful islands or the tranquil sea shores; the striking marine life or the amazing range of water sports, Andaman Nicobar Islands honeymoon offers endless opportunities for honeymoon couples.

Beach Holidays in Andaman Nicobar

Everyone wants to start the second innings of life in a fascinating way. The islands of Andaman and Nicobar house some fascinating beaches, which is the USP of the honeymoon trip in the archipelago. The hemispherical shaped beaches are the ideal destinations to roam around with your sweetheart and when you will go back you will have some richest memories with you to cherish it for the lifetime. The romantic beaches of Andaman and Nicobar islands are consecrated by striking natural beauty, unparalleled aqua life, and wonderful water sports.

Some of the frequently visited beaches in this archipelago are:

Radhanagar Beach

If you want to enjoy your honeymoon far from the maddening crowd, Radhanagar Beach is best for you. You can spend your day in a leisurely manner and eat at the seaside shacks. Take an elephant ride to the Mahua forest and across the beach.

Chirya Tapu

Famous as a hot spot for sun basking and sea bathing, this beach houses some of the exotic beach resorts and restaurants in the vicinity.

Vijaynagar Beach

Vijaynagar Beachis ideal for natural trips, where you can experience unpolluted and virgin nature.

Corbyn's Cove

Located near Port Blair, this beach has sandy sea shore with a number of water sports like scuba diving and snorkeling. Nearby Snake Island is restricted for swimming due to strong current.

Ramnagar Beach

Located in Diglipur Island, this beach is a popular destination for turtle nestling. Saddle Peak is one of the major attractions in this beach, since you can take a picturesque view of this beach from the peak. Daily ferry services are available from Port Blair to Mayabunder, from which the beach can be easily accessed.

Karmatang Beach

Located in Mayabunder, this beach can be reached by regular ferry services from Port Blair. You cab enjoy world class snorkeling and scuba diving in this beach. Enthusiasts can undertake treks to the nearby forests of Madhuban and to the Mount Harriet for nature and wildlife tour.

Ross Island

Apart from the beaches, there are a number of destinations, which attracts the honeymoon couples. Ross Island is one of them. Earlier the capital, the island is the home to British architecture such as pool, churches, offices, markets etc. The Smrithka museum and Jymkana club are the popular tourist attractions in the island.

Other popular destinations, which draw honeymoon couples to the archipelago, are:
  • Chatham Saw Mill
  • Forest Dept. Museum
  • Samudrika
  • Fisheries Museum
  • Viper Island
  • Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park
  • Jolly Buoy Island

Last Updated on: 06/08/2013