Education in Mysore(Mysuru)

Along with the many new IT companies, many schools and colleges are mushrooming in the city of Mysore. The state government is taking more interest in this, so as to improve the infrastructure of the city. The system of education in Mysore is taken care of especially to attract more IT professionals and companies to the state.

In order to prepare the state to invite more and more foreign investors to the state, the engineering colleges in Mysore are educating students to become trained professionals. There are other technical training institutes as well who train the students in areas related to various modern technologies.

The JSS Academy of Technical Education is one of the most important technical training centers in the city of Mysore. There are other institutes that offer degree courses in several fields of study. The University of Mysore also offers courses in technical fields for those who wish to pursue higher studies.

There are a large number of English as well as vernacular medium schools in Mysore. The students in the various schools of Mysore are trained and educated by efficient and knowledgeable teachers. Some of the most famous schools in the city of Mysore are Al Kabir School, Avila Convent Girls High School, Christ the King Girls High School, etc.

There are also many Medical and Law institutes in the city. Even some nursing institute, teachers training centers and business schools are there in the city.

The presence of so many institutes speaks of the fact that the education system in Mysore is taken good care of.

Last Updated on : February 10, 2016

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