National Anthem of India | Jana Gana Mana Adhinayak Jaya Hai Song Lyrics

The National Anthem of India is Jana Gana Mana was written by the Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore. Know the true meaning of Indian National Anthem with lyrics.

National Anthem of India in Hindi

National Anthem of India
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National Anthem of India - "Jan Gan Man" Lyrics

Jana gana mana adhinaayak jaya hai
Bhaarat bhagya vidhaata
Panjaab, sindh, gujraat, maraatha
Draavid utkal banga
Vindya, himaachal, yamuna, ganga
Utchchhal jaldhi taranga
Tab shubh naame jaage
Tab shubh aashish maage
Gaahe tab jay gaatha
Jana gana mangal daayak jay he
Bhaarat bhagya vidhaata
Jaya hey...
Jaya hey...
Jaya hey...
Jaya jaya jaya jaya hey...

The national anthem of India is "Jana Gana Mana" which was written by the Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore. The Anthem is written in high Bengali Sanskrit and is taken from the first five stanzas of a Brahmo Hymn, which was composed and scored by Rabindranath Tagore himself. The Anthem was first sung on 27 December 1911 in the Calcutta Session of the Indian National Congress and was officially accepted as the Indian National Anthem by the Constituent Assembly on 24 January 1950.

The national anthem takes around fifty-two seconds to be played. The original poem was translated by Abid Ali into Hindi and the original Hindi version of the song was a little different. The text of Jana Gana Mana, though written in Bengali, is highly sanskritised and has been written almost completely with the use of nouns which can also function as verbs. Nearly all the nouns in the song are used in all major languages of India.

The national anthem tell us that India is a diverse nation and there are differences in culture, traditions, religions and languages, but despite these differences, it reminds us that India is united under one flag. The anthem is significant in uniting people and reminding us that there isn't any difference among Indians.

The Indian national anthem is played or sung at various occasions. From government offices to schools and colleges, the national anthem of India is sung at special occasions or national holidays or even daily as it is also titled as "The Morning Song of India".

The national anthem of India is respected and proper observance and decorum is maintained when it is played on such occasions. All inhabitants are required to stand when the national anthem is played or sung.

27 December 2011 marks the achievement of 100 years of Jana Gana Mana from the time it was sung for the first time.

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Last Updated on: January 24, 2023