Schools in Ooty

The schools in Ooty cater to the educational requirement of the students of the town. The schools of Ooty foster the intellectual capacity of the students and also imbibe in them a spirit of learning and application of their education to the benefit of the society.

The schools at Ooty endeavor to provide the students with a holistic development of their personality that would equip them to meet the challenges of life. The schools endeavor to foster the spiritual, physical and intellectual capital of the students.

Most of the schools in Ooty are residential schools that have boarding facilities for the students who reside in the hostel and receive education in the institute. The schools also cater to the educational needs of the day scholars who arrive from the town of Ooty to receive education in the institutes. JSS Public School and Lawrence School in Lovedale are some of the pubic schools that open their doors to all students who may take admission in the school.

Lawrence School in Lovedale has reserved a few seats for the wards of the defense personnels. Hebron School, Ooty admit national and international students. Spread over an area of160 acres, the Good Shepherd International School is one of the premier Ooty schools.

The schools in Ooty nurture the hidden talents of the students and aid them to realize their true potentials. To achieve the holistic development of the students' character, the schools emphasize in active participation in the extra curricular activities. The infrastructure of the schools in Ooty have been developed to achieve the objective. The schools are affiliated to the ICSE, CBSE or the Tamil Nadu Higher Secondary Board.

Last Updated on 9/20/2011