Tourist Destinations Near Bhubaneswar

Places to Visit in Bhubaneshwar

The tourist spots in Bhubaneshwar, the temple city and the ancient Kalinga Kingdome of Orissa welcomes one and all with a fine blend of ancient art and culture with sublime architecture.

Previously adorned with over 7000 shrines, it is now left with only about 500.

The city is flocked by thousands of pilgrims as well as tourists who visit here to pay homage to the religious and cultural wonders that still prevail.

Places to See in Bhubaneshwar

Udaygiri and Khandgiri caves

Situated about 7 kilometers from the Bhubaneshwar city it is one of the major tourist spots in Bhubaneshwar. An important archaeological site in the Indian history, the inscription on the walls of 15 caves of Udaygiri, tells the tale of King Kharvela, the ruler Orissa from 168 to 153 AD. The Hathigumpha, an elephant cave, is the major cave. From the caves of Khandgiri you can view the whole Bhubaneshwar city.


Constructed in 3rd century BC by Ashoka the Great, the white pillar-like stupa on the hill top is a magnificent architecture from where Ashoka set out on his march to spread Buddhism.

Lingaraj Temple

Built in the 10th Century, it is a rare masterpiece and an example of ancient Hindu style of architecture that is covered by expound carvings.


Beautiful zoological park, situated about 25 kilometers from Bhubaneshwar where you can view a wide range of animals and reptiles. The white tigers, gorillas and crocodiles are the major attractions of this zoo.

Mukteshwar Temple

Built in the 7th Century AD, it is an example of embellished temple in Bhubaneshwar reflecting the Jain, Hindu and Buddhist mode of architecture.


It is a hot sulphur spring which is a popular outing spot for vacationers. The place is also famous for Lord Hatakeswar's Temple.

Tourist Destinations Near Bhubaneshwar

Excursions can be made from Bhubaneshwar to the nearby caves of Udaygiri and Khandgiri, which are important archeological sits of India.There, are 15 caves in Udaygiri, out of which Hathigumpha (elephant cave) is the most important. A 117-line inscription on the walls of the cave relates the exploits of the King Kharvela who ruled Orissa from 168 to 153 AD. Khandgiri with a predominant Jain influence gives a hilltop view of the city of Bhubaneswar, and most of the caves inside have a definite Jain influence. Dauli built in the 3rd century BC has Ashoka's rock edict. It was from here that King Ashok set out to spread Buddhism. The place also has a white stupa (pillar) on top of a hill built in collaboration with Japanese Buddhists.Nandankanan is a wildlife park at a distance of 25 km from Bhubaneshwar whose main attractions are the gorillas, crocodiles and white tigers. The Atri Springs are also famous. A magnificent temple, which should be on your temple itinerary, is the Sun Temple at Konark.Though in ruins it is still marvelous designed as a chariot of the Sun God. Puri, 60km from Bhubaneshwar is also a temple town worth visiting. Fairs and Festivals in Bhubaneshwar.

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