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Rourkela Tourism

Rourkela is placed on the North western tip of the Orissa. It is situated at the heart of the rich mineral belt. It is about 340 kilometres away from Orissa's capital Bhubaneswar. The city is encircled by hill ranges and rivers, which adds on to the city's beauty. Three rivers like Sankha, Koel and Brahmani confluent at Rourkela.

Steel Authority of India Limited, which is one of the biggest public sector steel plants in India, is situated in this city. Because of the rich iron-ore belt, Rourkela has a steel plant here. This city also has one of India's National Institutes of Technology. CCTV was brought for the first time in 1984 to the Asian continent by Rourkela Steel Plant. This city is known for its cleanliness and is the 14th most green and clean city in India.

In the local tribe Sadri, Rourkela means "Our Village". The city is located in Sundargarh district in Orissa. Raulia, which is an indigenous community, were the residents of this region.

The city has two recreation parks. The first one is Indira Gandhi Park, which is in front of Gayatri Mandir hillock. It is Orissa's second largest zoo with 42 acres land. One can see a variety of flowers in the gardens. Along with that, it also has a doll museum, grass meadow, aquarium and a miniature zoo. There are many gardens like rose, Japanese and fountain gardens. One can have an entire view of the zoo in a train. Moreover, one can enjoy the city's breathtaking view from a tower in the park. The second is the Jubilee Park adjoining Sector 8. This place also has a deer park.


There are many places where one can shop in Rourkela, you can either visit the market at Sector 19 - Ispat Market (Ambagan), situated in the steel township's centre; Sector 5 - VIP Market; Super Market- Ambagan, abutting Ambagan chowk; Sector 2 - NAC Market, and many more such markets.

Places to see in and around Rourkela
  • Hanuman Vatika- This is one of the most famous sites in Rourkela. It has a 74.9 feet tall Hanuman statue that welcomes the tourists to the city. The Vinayaka Mandira; Manas Parayana Sharala and Bata Mangala Mandira are established at Hanuman Vatika's entrance.
  • Vedavyas- It is adjacent to Panposh and Rourkela. Being an ancient and pre-historic place it is a highly religious place for Hindus.
  • Mandira Dam- It is located at a lowest level near Kansbahal. The water of this dam is used for the Rourkela Steel Plant.
  • Ghoghar Temple- It is situated 30 kilometres from Rourkela. This temple is very close to the Ghoghar River.
  • Khandadhar- It is 244 metres high via Bonaigarh from Rourkela. Formed by perennial Korapani Nala it is Orissa's highest and India's fourth highest waterfall.
  • Darjin- It is known as a picnic spot which is on Brahmani River. This spot is 51 kilometres away from Rourkela city.
  • Mirig Khog Waterfall- It is another picnic spot which is 111 kilometre from Rourkela.
  • Maa Vaishno Devi Temple- It can be seen from the Railway Station. In 2003 the temple was fully constructed.
  • Laxmi Narayan Mandir- The temple is located in sector 14. One can get complete peace of mind here. This temple has idols of Lakshmi Mata and Lord Vishnu.
Best Time to visit

Because the city has tropical climate, it gets heavy rainfall in Southwest monsoon, which is from June to September, and Northeast monsoon, which is from December to January. The average rainfall is between 160 centimetres to 200 centimetres. During the cold as well as hot season, the temperatures range between 7 degree Celsius to 47 degree Celsius and 9.8 degree Celsius to 39.2 degree Celsius. About 36% area of the city has tropical dry or semi-evergreen deciduous forest.