Education in Nagpur

Nagpur education system largely contributes towards the socio-economic growth of Nagpur. Like all the other developing cities of India, education system at Nagpur also forms an important part in the society of Nagpur.

Education system of Nagpur comprises of the nurseries and kindergarten and the different schools, colleges and universities housed within the territory of Nagpur. It is noteworthy that the computer institutes also seem to be a part of Nagpur education system. In the present world of Information Technology, the computer institutes form a vital part of the education.

Some of the major institutions that form an important part of education in Nagpur are as follows:
  • Schools and Kindergartens:
    • Muktangan Kindergarten
    • Hello Kids
    • Vidarbha Buniyadi High School
    • Scs Girls High School
    • Vinaayakrap Deshmukh High School
    • Shahu Garden Convent School
    • Shree Shivaji High School
    • Shanti Niketan Dnyanpith Convent
    • St. Joseph Convent School
    • South Point School
    • St. Don Bosco High School
    • Sindhi Hindi Girls High School, etc.

  • Colleges and Universities:
    • Sindhu Mahavidyalaya
    • Global Business School
    • Hislop College
    • KDK Engineering College
    • Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Arts and Commerce College
    • Ramdeobaba Kamla Nehru Engineering College
    • Providence Junior College of Education
    • Rajat College of Engineering and Technology, etc.

  • Computer Institutes:
    • SEED Infotech
    • Tan Altech Solutions
    • NIIT
    • Vidsoft Private Limited
    • Vikas Computer Institute
    • Vintas Computer, etc
These schools, colleges and computer institutes largely serve the needs of the society of Nagpur. In fact, these institutes help the society of Nagpur to take another stride towards globalization. It is these schools and colleges that help Nagpur to strengthen the roots of the society, so that it could meet up to the challenges of the contemporary world.

Last Updated on : February 10, 2016

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