Nagpur Industrial Training Institute

The Nagpur Industrial Training Institute is one of the most important educational institutes in the city. The Nagpur Industrial Training Institute of Nagpur imparts good-quality technical training in a variety of professional courses.

The Nagpur Industrial Training Institute at Nagpur is located at the Shradhanand Peth. The Shradhanand Peth is again situated on a well known road of the city called the South Ambazari Road.

The Nagpur Industrial Training Institute in Nagpur was established in the post-independence era in the year 1957. The person who is the head of this technical institute of Nagpur holds the post of principal. He is in overall charge of all the educational and non-educational activities that take place within the premises of the institute. The name of the principal is Shrikant Vasant Indurkar.

The wide range of technical courses that are on offer in the Nagpur Industrial Training Institute are meant for the future mechanic tractors, carpenters, plumbers, welders, mason building constructors, sheet metal workers, mechanics, forgers and heat treaters, plastic processing operators and electricians.

If you want to have more information related to the Nagpur Industrial Training Institute, then you can directly get in touch with the authorities of this technical institute over the phone. The contact number on which you can get information like the different types of courses offered at this institute and the fees structure for the respective courses is: 2464928. There is an alternative number that can be availed for talking to the concerned people. This number is 2458920.

Last Updated on : March 28, 2016

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