Railway Staff College Vadodara

Railway Staff College Vadodara is a management institute for the officers on the Indian Railways. The college provides training not only to freshly appointed officers but also to senior members of the Railways. The college also trains officers holding important positions in the government of the country. The college is located within the PratapVillas Palace in Vadodara. The college was established in the year 1930 at Dehra Dun but later on it was shifted to Vadodara. The college is built amidst lush green surroundings. The designing of the college has been planned by C.F. Stevens. The college building has a very posh look about itself and it has been built in a renaissance style.

Railway Staff College in Vadodara provides excellent training to the railway officials. The college covers a total land area of 55 acres. This institute is equipped with some of the best teachers who are highly paid by the college authorities. This institute in providing a well-rounded education to the railway officials. They try to inculcate a sense of hardcore discipline in these officials and also heightens the level of admiration for the Indian Railways. Railway studies are delivered in the best of ambiance. All kinds of facilities are provided to the railway officials by the authorities of the Railway Staff College Vadodara.

Last Updated on : March 25, 2016

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