Faridabad City Map

City Map of Faridabad

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City Map of Faridabad
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*Map showing major roads, hotels, hospitals and other places of interest. Disclaimer

Faridabad is an ancient city finding its place on the map of India or Bharatvarsha as India was known by that name in the olden days since the year 1607. But it got its entry in official records only recently in the year 1979 when it became the 12th district of the state of Haryana.
It is known through common facts that Baba Farid, a Sufi saint and the treasurer of Mughal king Jahangir founded the city in the year 1607. The city used to serve as an inn for the Pakistani refugees where they could rest while carrying out the important day to day business activities at the time of partition and then return back to their new homeland.

The city is very vibrant and developing its infrastructure on an increasing pace as compared to the previous decades. Faridabad is a good mix of industrialization developing at one corner of the city and agriculture on the other end. The huge population of India resides here witnessing a large number of people from outside the city migrating towards it to enjoy the mix culture that seems quite satisfying.

A plethora of tourists are getting attracted towards Faridabad due to its beautiful lakes, churches, temples, shopping malls, ancient forts and palaces. This city located on NH-2 popularly known as Mathura road connecting Delhi and Agra is a host to many arts and crafts lovers at the time of 'Melas' that are being organized from time to time to showcase the talent of Indian craftsmen. Suraj Kund Mela is a well known crafts mela where one can explore ascetic pieces of art that reflect the past and present of India very subtly, savour variety of indigenous delicacies and chill out in the huts that are made specially to give the feel of village life to the tourists from the cities.

It will be injustice to not mention about the caliber of man in creating a place as beautiful as Bhadkal Lake that is sure to please one's senses and soothen the tired nerves. This man-made lake gives opportunity for boating, enjoying water games and relaxing for few days even with family. The arrangements are made well and must be explored at least once.

Shopaholics can have an amazing shopping experience at Mathura road itself that is emerging as a promising shopping hub. The malls here offer even more sophisticated shopping experience for every one. No outing is complete if one does not go for shopping and pick up some nice pieces from these new shopping platforms.

The significant landmarks in the city make the less known places easy to find. Some northern landmarks of the city are BSNL, Communication and Cine Arts, Communication Centre and Police Line Hawai whereas Orient Fan Factory can be found in South Faridabad. Before chalking your way out to this beautiful city of Faridabad scan the map of the city in order to get an accurate view of it and it is a wise idea to carry a map along with you for a smooth journey.

Last Updated on : 23/07/2013