Crafts of Cuttack

Crafts of Cuttack include, metal work and carving, which reflect the cultural practices and socio-economic background of the people of the territory. It is noteworthy that each craft of the city is unique in itself. In spite of being contiguous, the crafts of Cuttack present a distinctive feature.

Metal work is an important craft of Cuttack. It is one of the highly refined crafts of the city. The silver filigree or the delicate craft of tarkashi is among the principal crafts of Cuttack. For the filigree work, silver is beaten and then drawn into fine wires, which are joined together and given a concrete shape. The filigree work is commonly used to make ornaments. In Cuttack, the tarkashi craftsmen still continue to uphold a rich tradition of craftmanship.

Carving is another famous craft in Cuttack. Carving in Cuttack is restricted to wood and stone. However, it is known for its distinctive features. Replicas of Gods and Goddesses, decorative hangings, garlands, figurines of animals and miniature of temples form some of the important items of carving.

Last Updated on 30 August 2012